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Ikea: $25 off $150 Coupon + College Event


Friday, July 14 – Sunday, July 16, 2017 9:30am*-4pm

You deserve a college shopping experience that’s fun, stress-free and affordable. That’s why we’re offering a long weekend’s worth of special offers, giveaways, workshops and more, all designed to help you navigate this exciting next chapter. Get your $25 off $150 coupon here!

*Restaurant & showroom open at 9:30am, remainder of store opens at 10am. Please see your local store or for store hours. Events and offers not available at IKEA Brooklyn and IKEA Columbus. IKEA Paramus closed Sunday. Food offers not available at IKEA Carson.


100+ Amazing Freebies for College Students

by Diane Schmidt

Dorm Supplies

Retailers love the back to school season. Many students get excited about going off to college for the first time and spend a bundle on notebooks, pens, expensive plastic storage containers and packages of snack foods. So how do you get what you need and not overspend? Here are some savings tips:

  • Buy school supplies at the lowest price available. Late July and August are the perfect time to stock up, especially at stores like Walmart and Kmart. You'll find that their notebook prices may be under 50 cents, while other times of the year, the prices can be triple.

  • You'll find that a small refrigerator is a necessity, especially when it comes to saving money on food. Consider renting one from the college or do the math and see if it's cheaper to buy your own. Also microwaves will save you time and money.
  • Get your stuff organized. The summer before going off to school is the perfect time to go through your closets and drawers. Consider donating clothes you no longer like or that do not fit. Once you have your basic wardrobe organized, decide whether buying new clothes is necessary.

  • If you have a lot of stuff you don't need and don't want to bring with you to school, consider having a garage sale. Get your family involved in cleaning and organizing your home. Another way to get rid of extra stuff is to sign up for free seller accounts on and Craigslist is a great way too to make some cash.

  • Trade with friends. Do they have an extra storage container you could use and you have an extra laundry bag? Set up a time to swap with them.

  • Did you receive a lot of cash for graduation? If so, resist the temptation to use it on school stuff. Look at what you have at home first before blowing that money. You might want to put it in a savings account for unexpected school expenses.

  • Secondhand shops are a good place to find dorm supplies, such as storage containers, desk fans, lamps, and more.

  • Garage sales may also have what you need and at even lower prices than secondhand stores.

Keep in touch with the family! Be sure your cell phone is up to date, has unlimited talk and text-

It's time to leave for school. The car is packed with your belongings. You saved quite a bit on money and have some in the bank. Now how do you save once you get to school?


  • Before leaving for school, have a bake off with your family and friends. Prepare batches of cookies, bread or other treats and swap.

  • Are you on a meal plan? Be sure to take advantage of it and schedule in when you will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your class schedule means you'll need to miss a meal, have easy to prepare meals in your dorm, such as cereal, oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, and cans of ravioli.

  • Between meals, carry a bottle to fill at water fountains or filled with your favorite beverage. Or if you are a coffee drinker, pack a thermos.

  • Trips to the vending machine can add up. Fill a pocket of your backpack with healthy snacks, such as fruit, Jell-O cups, or pretzels.

  • Buy your snack foods in bulk. Larger quantities are usually cheaper and it's easy to divide up the food into smaller portions.

  • Shop at the grocery store for food. Check out the Sunday paper for grocery store ads and match coupons to save more!

Books and Tech

  • Buy books after you've gone to the class. There are times when you don't really need the book.
  • Sign up for Amazon Student- FREE shipping and more!

  • If you do need the book, can you and a friend buy the book and split the cost? Can you check the book out of the library? Or get a free ebook version?

  • If book sharing or using the library copy doesn't work out, check the bulletin boards to see if someone is selling their copy.

  • Online bookstores charge a lot less than campus bookstores. Go online before heading to the campus bookstore.

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  • As a last resort, buy the book from your campus bookstore. You'll find of all of your options they charge the most. Even if you get stuck paying full price, take good care of the book and sell it at the end of the year.

Entertainment and More

  • Use your student ID card to get into free concerts, special lectures, comedy shows, athletic events and more.
  • Movie theatre chains that offer student discounts include AMC Theatres (discounts on Thursdays), Cinemark (discounts vary by location) and Marcus Theatres ($5 Thursdays) — but independent theatres often have student discounts, too. 

  • Many colleges offer well-equipped gyms and recreation centers. Take advantage of the opportunity to get a free workout.

  • Join clubs, many offer special trips and events to members only.

  • Parks, museums and window-shopping are all free. Students get discounted access to museums, including major ones such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. 

  • Keep your long distance bill down and e-mail family and friends.

  • Even if you have a printer, consider using the school's computer lab for print jobs. You'll save on ink cartridges and paper.

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  • For a cheap, fun night at home, invite some friends over, make your own pizza (or order pizza with coupons!) and play some board games.

  • Many businesses will offer student discounts. You just need to ask.

  • Find out when happy hour is to get your fill of good food at a cheap price-it will also give you a break from campus and dorm food.

  • When going home for break, consider riding with another student who is heading in the same direction. It's a much cheaper and fun alternative than paying for a bus, plane or train ticket.

Remember that all it takes is some creative thinking to save money while at college. Good luck while you embark on your college career.


Office Max/Office Depot Deals: Teacher Appreciation Days

Office Depot/OfficeMax stores are thanking educators duringTeacher Appreciation Days by offering up a 25% off in-store purchase coupon (excludes technology, HP Ink/toner and Epson ink and other exclusions may apply).

Plus, educators can get a free Teacher VIP savings card for an additional 20% discount on qualifying in store purchases made through October 31st and educators will score a free tote bagSee this press release for more information.

This runs from July 30th-August 2nd and again from August 27th-30th, 


10+ Ways to Fund Back to School Shopping

Here are awesome items to look for to sell on Ebay and make some back to school cash:


Add the word "vintage" to your description for more sales. I have sold: Try visiting your local thrift shops or Goodwill for finds that would sell on Ebay. Also check out yard sales, you never know what you could find! Look for: 

  • Vintage accessories: Gloves, handbags, scarves, belts
  • Brooches, pins
  • Keychains - odd, vintage, music/sports/auto related
  • Small electronics, calculators, cameras - vintage, best if with box and cables
  • Early video games, especially the little handheld ones, best with box/instructions, check if they work w/new batteries
  • Car-related items: keychains, accessories, etc.
  • Charm bracelets, charms, pendants: odd themes, can be sold as is or separately as charms
  • Costume jewelry: doesn't have to be designer, well made, unusual, odd themes
  • Collectible glasses (McDonald's, etc.), the older the better
  • Pens: vintage, older, unusual, again you should know what you're looking for.
  • Linens: aprons, handkerchiefs, curtains, sheets, vintage, unusual, check condition carefully
  • Buttons, fabric, other notions: odd, vintage, collectible
  • Christmas items: ornaments, music, jewelry, decorations, again Condition, Vintage, Unusual.
  • Sports memorabilia - pins, keychains, mugs, odd housewares, etc.
  • Fast Food toys, the older the better (<2000 at least), best if still in packaging
  • Tools/housewares- vintage, odd/unusual, best with box/cords/instructions.

And Now It's Time to Make $$!

  • Choose the right category for your item-try to be as specific as possible so that potential buyers will be able to find your listing.
  • Write an accurate description-brand name in the title, along with the condition.  Be as specific about the details as possible.  Buyers want to know exactly what they are buying.
  • Take excellent photos-for the best shots, use indirect daylight (not bright sun). You don't need a fancy camera, I use my iPhone and it works great.
  • Make sure your item fits in the box.  I recommend selling items that fit in USPS Flat Rate shipping.
  • Respect the buyers-once your auction is live, be sure to pay attention to any questions.
  • Never ship before payment! This is one of the #1 rules. Most buyers will pay quickly but never ship an item until you have received your payment!  Be sure to send out an invoice and a gentle reminder after a few days. If you don't get resolution, be sure to contact Ebay.
  • Ship your item as soon as possible–as soon as you’ve been paid, make an effort to ship out your item. You can pay for shipping and print your label at home.  If you already have the box then all you have to do is tape it up, put on the pre-paid label, & let your mail carrier pick it up or drop it off at the nearest post office!
  • Give feedback–whether positive or negative, leave feedback on your buyer’s feedback page.  

80 Reusable Chalkboard Labels and Markers

chalkboardGet these 80 UNI-FAM Reusable Chalkboard Labels with 2 Chalk Markers for only $6.99 (regularly $24.99) when you enter promo code 80WITH02at checkout.


Free $10 Walmart Gift Card

WM GC PicThrough July 29th, download the free Walmart App, make a purchase of $75+ via the app and you’ll score a FREE $10 Walmart eGift Card (limit one per customer).


Free Back to School Supplies from Verizon

Saturday, July 30th Verizon TCC (The Cellular Connection) locations will be giving away a FREE backpack filled with school supplies – limit one per child. Keep in mind that the child must be present to receive a backpack. Be sure to call your local store ahead of time to verify participation in this program.


Jo Ann Teacher Appreciation Days

Go here to print this 25% off coupon!