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Back to School Health Tips

Back to school means back to colds and flu. Start planning now how to avoid those nasty bugs!

1.       Think ahead about packing healthy lunches. Sometimes it’s easier to grab a pre-packed lunch at the store, but some of them have preservatives and aren’t very healthy.

2.       Sniffling and sneezing going on in your home? Have your child tested for allergies. In my family, allergies are common, so my son Cam had allergy testing in preschool. We know now what to avoid, like pet dander, etc.

3.       Teach children proper hand-washing techniques. And to use hand sanitizer if regular hand-washing isn't convenient.

4.       Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring! It's easy to stock up on your fave fruits and veggies and blend a delicious breakfast.

5.       Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep can lead to getting sick more easily.

6.       Stay hydrated! Grabbing a can of soda or a juice box can be easier, but water is the ultimate source of hydration.

7.       Make fruits and veggies fun. Every fall, we like to go out to our local orchard and pick apples. This is a fun outing for my son because he gets to pick the fruit himself and then enjoy it later.

8.       Help cut down on colds going around school, by teaching kids to sneeze into their elbow.

9.    Make a get well kit, with all your family's favorite meds for cough and colds. No last minute trips to the drug store! Here is what I would include in that kit:


Items include: 

  1. Band-aids
  2. Antibiotic ointment
  3. Advil
  4. Gas X {dorm food makes this one essential}
  5. Benadryl
  6. Milk of magnesia
  7. Thermometer
  8. Instant ice pack
  9. Pepto
  10. Throat losenges
  11. Cold medicine
  12. Q-Tips
  13. Nail clippers
  14. Hydrogen Peroxide
  15. An ace bandage
  16. Cotton balls
  17. Small pair scissors
  18. Small pair of tweezers