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$100 Survey Opportunity, New Target printables, more

Has anyone been watching "Prison Break" on tv? It is an awesome show and made more awesome by Wentworth Miller. I know, I know, I'm married, but he is pretty cute. Anyone else with me? My husband is pretty smart because when he saw I liked a show about some guy in prison he put two and two together and was like "wait a second...". It's all in good fun though. There are actresses he likes and I have my favorite actors, seems fair to me!

Check out this opportunity, wish I lived in one of these cities!

20/20 Research Online is currently conducting a research project regarding EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS FOR CHILDREN. We are inviting women from across the US to participate in an online bulletin board discussion that is taking place in October. We are specifically looking for Moms in these cities and their suburbs:

Sacramento, Washington DC, San Francisco,Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, & Raleigh-Durham.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please forward this email to Moms you know in these areas who may be interested in taking part in our online discussion.

A bulletin board is a new, cutting-edge way to conduct market research with busy people like you. The discussion consists of about 14 other people and a moderator. This format allows you to log in a couple of times a day at your convenience and take part in the current discussion anonymously. You will also be able to read everything that others have said and respond candidly.

You can log in to the discussion from any computer with an Internet connection, whether at work, home or elsewhere.

As a token of appreciation for your time and participation, we will send you a check for $100 at the end of the discussion.

We'd like to ask you to participate in a very brief (3-4 minutes) online screening survey to see if you qualify for the discussion. Click below to begin the quick screener survey:

More Deals:

Are you looking for toy bargains, especially thinking ahead for Christmas? Check out this list and be sure to bookmark it for future reference! Lots of great deals and free shipping!

Borders/Waldenbooks 20% off hardcover book- 9/25/05

Nestle helps with your next bake sale with printables, info and more. See it here

Free Scholastic magazine samples for teachers

Free "Dummies" book for businesses

Kashi Mighty Bites cereal $1 printable coupon

Test games for Microsoft and earn cash!

Take a photo of you enjoying an Eat N Park Smiley cookie and you could win $50!

New! Target printables:

Scott paper towels, $1 off- 10/8/05

GE Reveal product, $1 off- 10/8/05

Tidy Cat litter, $1 off- 10/8/05

Tylenol Extra Strength, $1.50 off- 10/8/05

Listerine, $1 off- 10/8/05

Lysol product, $1 off- 10/8/05

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