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Happy Monday

Here are some highlights from this week's sales:

CVS Deals: EB= Extrabucks

~Earn $1 EB when you buy 1 Tylenol product. Extra strength, 8 hr., arthritis caplets, EZ tabs, 24 ct. or arthritis gel tabs 20 ct., $2.99 There are $2 any Tylenol coupons from a CVS magazine
~Earn $1 EB when you spend $5 on any Advil product. Bonus packs available. Tablets, caplets or gel caplets 50 + 50 ct., $5.00
~Earn $10 EB when you buy any 2 of these products: Theraflu, Tavist, Triaminic, Comtrex or 4 Way, prices start at $5.29
~Earn $5 EB plus $10 mail-in-rebate for purchase of (3) Pepsi-Cola 12-pk PLUS any 3 Frito Lay snacks 9.5 oz. or larger.
~Earn $6 EB when you buy Gillette Fusion Manual or Power Razor.
~Earn $3 EB when you spend $10 on Lumene
~Earn $5 EB when you spend $10 on Softsoap, Irish Spring, Colgate or Mennen products.
~Earn $5 EB when you buy Vagistat-1. $14.99


~Triple coupons this week!
~Buy 3 Pepsi 12 packs and 3 Lay's chips and get them free after rebate
~Buy $25+ of select Kraft products and receive a coupon for (3) free Digiorno pizzas or $15 off a party platter
~Buy 3 greeting cards, get a teddy bear for free, coupon in ad
~Tops is offering discount coupons for the Home & Garden Show, Feb.4-12, check at customer service

Linens N Things: Has a 10% off coupon in Sunday's paper, plus they are having a big clearance sale now.

Giant Eagle:

~Buy 15 Del Monte products and receive a coupon for $2 off your next shopping trip


~Catalina deals: Buy 4 of the following items (Taco Bell Salsa 16 oz $1, Kraft HandiSnacks Pudding $1, KoolAid Gels Jello $1, Kraft BBQ Sauce 18 oz $1) and get a Catalina coupon for $3 off your next shopping order. After your first order, you can use the $3 Catalina to get 4 more products for $1.


~Buy 3 Kraft products and receive a $5 coupon off your next small appliance purchase
~Kraft deal: Buy 4 Kraft products, receive $2 off your next order. Buy 5, get $3 off your next order. Buy 6, get $4 off your next order.
~Buy 2 bags of Hershey candy and get 3 Hershey candy bars free


Buy $5+ of gc's at Chipotle and receive a coupon for a free burrito, Feb.12-14

Free screening of the movie Firewall

Win a private screening of the movie "failure to launch"

Visit your local Baskin-Robbins store dressed as Cupid beginning on January 30 through February 14, 2006 and receive a free 2.5 oz scoop* of Love Potion #31®, the perfect flavor for your Valentine's Day celebration.

Crest Pro Health Rinse, $1 coupon

Free sample of Olay Regenerist Serum

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