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Free Itunes, Dove Recall, more

Many are reporting that Target has linens, shower curtains, pillows etc. 75% off. I went to Target to check it out and two aisles were full! Many items to choose from, definitely worth taking a look! And if you are still searching for Valentine's candy marked down, drug stores (like Walgreens) are slowly marking it down to 75% off, if there is any left. I have no idea why some stores like Target mark down holiday merchandise very quickly, but drugstores and some grocery stores, take a long time. It doesn't make sense. You'd think they'd mark everything down to at least 75% off within a few weeks of the holiday ending.


Bennigan's: Monte Christo $5.99 or 1/2 lb. Burger deal $4.99- 3/31/06

Recall: Dove Facial Cleansing Massager

Children's Place Birthday Club- join for special offers and more

Lane Bryant 40% off- 3/5/06

Free Itunes code from Papermate (w/ survey)

Quaker instant win, breakfast cookies

Borders 25% off rewards members/ non-members 10% off- 3/5/06

Know a Moocher? TV Show Opportunity just for them!
There is a new reality CBS Show now casting moochers (25 and older). Reality Casting Call for men and women age 25 and older who are lacking motivation to find a job and move on out to the "Real World". Have you been called a slacker,lazy,mooch,freeloader,enabler,sponger...?Want to change your situation? Tired of living off of someone else's income?

Compensation: If chosen you will be given a career job, an apartment (paid for 3 months) and a remodeled room for your moochee.Interested? Send us your story including your daily schedule (waking up), for how long, from whom and why?)

Must Submit to be considered: Picture, Phone Number, Story and City/Stateliving with bro/sis, your kid, ex, ex's parents(or relative), best friend, b/f or g/f...? Whatever the story let us hear it.Let us help you out in a fun creative atmosphere. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!Email: NewShowCanHelp@yahoo.com

Must Send to qualify: Picture/Phone Number/Story(w/daily sked/City/State

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