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Recalls and Bounce Fees (A Vent)

Have you heard Mattel is recalling more toys? These include Batman, Polly Pocket and more! I wonder how these recalls are going to affect toy sales with the upcoming holiday season.

Another interesting article I read today was about how using your debit card at the gas pump can result in bounce fees. Basically, if you press debit instead of credit, the gas station has the authority to put a hold on your checking account for $50+, in addition to the actual cost of the gas!! This hold is eventually removed, but in the meantime, if funds were running low, the checking account goes negative. Ridiculous. I always press credit when buying gas, so they can't "hold" money they shouldn't be touching. Debit cards can be convenient but they can also be a way for banks to make a fast buck. I've been trying to use cash more because cash can't bounce!

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