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Clipless Coupons= Less Savings?

Here's some not so good news (in my opinion) about coupons. Stores are beginning to experiment with "paperless" coupons.

I am a big time coupon user. I use coupons for groceries, take-out food, books, etc. etc. Almost every store that will take a coupon, I try to use one. I also order from Couponclippers.com and stock up on coupons.

The use of "clipless coupons" bring up several questions. What happens if eventually all stores go "clipless" with their coupons? First, shoppers will have to get the store loyalty card, which some are opposed to because stores track purchases. Second, if "clipless" coupons become the next big thing, will "paper" coupons disappear? Will this give stores the power to limit (1) coupon per item, per shopper card? For example, they would load on the shopper card, (1) coupon for 50ยข off General Mills cereal and that's all you get? Instead of being able to go to the store with (5) coupons and stock up on cereal?

The possibilities of the stores further reducing shopper's savings is very likely. And what worse timing, with grocery prices going up and up! I hope paper coupons aren't phased out and replaced entirely with clipless coupons. It will not be good for the consumer.

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