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It's Almost Christmas Holiday Update

We went out to Costco today and got a few things. Surprisingly, the lines weren't that long! It helped that they had every register open too. We got a few gifts and one of those huge trays of Costco holiday cookies. I bought a tray a few years ago, but was more impressed with the cookies this year. Sugar cookies, mini m&m cookies, pecan cookies and more. Yum! I think it was about $17 for tray, well worth it.

I think I'm done with my shopping. Every year, there are always those last minute things I want to buy. I've been shopping for over a month and I need a break! That's until holiday clearance on the 26th! I may or may not check it out, I don't think 50% off is a good enough discount! The problem is if I wait too long for 75% off, all the good stuff is gone.

I'm taking off a few days and will be back on the 26th! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


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