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Global Eyeglasses: 15% off Discount Coupon

Buying eyeglasses online can really save you a lot of money. glasses start from $6.95 for complete prescription eyeglasses with single vision lenses, $19 extra for bifocal eyeglasses and $39 for no-line bifocal progressive eyeglasses.

Customers can also try eyeglasses online using the intuitive virtual mirror which also works real time with a webcam, you can save the pictures you create with virtual mirror and share it on Facebook with friends and family.

Another great thing about which is different from all online eyeglasses website is that they have collections like Global BASICS for basic style, Global ELITE for posh quality and design, Global WAYFARER, Global-AVIATOR, Global-FREEDOM, Global-YOUTH... they also have a great refine search which allows you to find the exact eyeglasses you are looking for.

Most important things when you order eyeglasses online:

Selecting the right style using virtual mirror
Selecting the correct size, learn more
Entering or uploading your eyeglasses prescription online is giving 15% discount for new customers.

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