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High Tech Complaining: Get Results Faster

Gone are the days where one could write a letter or make a quick phone call and get their company complaint answered in a satisfactory manner.  Now, consumers have to find their way through 800-number phone trees, just to get to a human being! I’ve found a more effective way to save time and get faster results.

Both Twitter and Facebook are the newest ways to reach companies.  Whether it is a complaint, compliment or just a comment, company's Twitter and Facebook pages are staffed with people who are ready to remedy whatever problem you are having.

For example, I recently wrote on Ikea’s wall, asking when they were going to build an Ikea in the Cleveland area. I love Ikea  but don’t like having to drive 2+ hours to PA or MI. They wrote back within a few hours and said “Maybe someday!”. While it wasn’t the answer I was hoping for, it was nice they responded and acknowledged my question.

Twitter is also an effective way to reach companies. One of my friends recently had a bad experience at an Applebee’s restaurant. They logged into their Twitter account and contacted (@Applebees) with what happened. Within a day, Applebee’s customer service was emailing them, offering a free gift card for their trouble.

To get started, go to the company’s web site first and look for the Facebook or Twitter icons. Click on either of those and you can “like” them on Facebook or “follow” them on Twitter. With Facebook, try putting a comment on their wall, describing what happened and hopefully they will write back on their wall or privately email you through Facebook.

As for Twitter, you are limited how much you can type, so start with @(insert company’s Twitter name here) and briefly describe your complaint. They will DM you (direct message you) and hopefully will come to a resolution that will make everyone happy.


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