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10 Healthy Tips for Back to School

10 Healthy Tips for Back to School

By Diane R. Schmidt

The school year is fast approaching and here are my best tips for keeping the kids healthy during the school year!

1.       Think ahead about packing healthy lunches. Sometimes it’s easier to grab a pre-packed lunch at the store, but some of them have preservatives and aren’t very healthy.

2.       Sniffling and sneezing going on in your home? Have your child tested for allergies. In my family, allergies are common, so my son Cam had allergy testing in preschool. We know now what to avoid, like pet dander, etc.

3.       Teach children proper hand-washing techniques. And to use hand sanitizer if regular hand-washing isn't convenient.

4.       Ask if anyone at school is bullying them. Many schools have anti-bullying programs in place, but sometimes kids will still pick on other kids.

5.       Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring! There are lots of fun, easy recipes, it doesn’t have to just be cereal and toast!

6.       As summer winds down, adjust bedtime to closer to an earlier time. My son, who is 9, has been staying up till 10 pm, which I think is really late. As Sept. gets closer, he’ll go to bed closer to 9 pm.

7.       Stay hydrated! Grabbing a can of soda or a juice box can be easier, but water is the ultimate source of hydration.

8.       Make fruits and veggies fun. Every fall, we like to go out to our local orchard and pick apples. This is a fun outing for my son because he gets to pick the fruit himself and then enjoy it later!

9.       Help cut down on colds going around school, by teaching kids to sneeze into their elbow.

10.   And finally, be sure to have your child’s eyes checked. My husband and I both are nearsighted and know at some point my son will need glasses.



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