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What to Buy During August

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Summer Apparel

Depending on where you are, you may still have months of warm weather left. And you can always buy super affordable threads now and put them away for next year. Either way, you can take advantage of August's summer clothing clearance sales to stock up on last-minute summer gear. Expect to see summer sales from the likes of Michael Kors, 6pm,Nordstrom Rack, and Dick's Sporting Goods, all of which discounted select items by at least 60% last year. So consider stocking up, and if you're buying for kids, don't forget to buy some larger sizes to accommodate growth spurts.


August will provide more footwear deals than July, and more Editors' Choice deals than September. This is especially true for kids' shoes, which saw twice as many deals in August than in September. Some best bets included Converse sneakers from $25 (a low by $9), L.L.Bean canvas sneakers from $14 ($36 off), ASICS running shoes from $27 (low by $11), and Polo espadrilles for $200 ($125 off).


Our data shows that laptop prices typically drop an extra 8% to 25% in August and early September. And last year, August had 24% more computer deals than September! We've seen aggressive discounts from stores like Adorama, Dell Home, Lenovo, and the Microsoft Store, on laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Asus. Look to save up to $150 on entry-level 15" PCs, with prices in the $350 range.


Back-to-School Supplies

Office supply stores will slash prices for what is often one of their biggest events of the year. Everyone can take advantage of reams of paper, notebooks, pens and pencils, tissues, and paper towels that can go for literal cents. (We've even seen reams of paper for free after rebate, and Kleenex for 37 cents.) And remember, you don't have to be a student (or have one) to shop back-to-school sales.

If you are shopping for your student, we found that Target typically offered the best deals on supplies, based on sample school shopping lists for grades K through 8. They were followed closely by Walmart. Amazon won't have the best prices unless you're buying in bulk, which might be great for big families or those who want to pool with other families.

Patio Furniture

While it may seem odd to upgrade your patio furniture so far into the summer, August is actually a great month for buying new outdoor pieces. Last year, there were over twice as many patio furniture deals in August than September. And any furniture you buy today you'll still be able to use throughout August and most of September, when temperatures are less humid.

Last August we saw major clearance sales from Target, Walmart, and Sears, with discounts that ranged from 40% to 68% off. Look for full outdoor dining sets from $180 (low by $149).


This might not be surprising, but swimwear deals really drop off a cliff come the fall. Grab end-of-season deals on bathing suits from just $2 before they disappear almost completely in September.


National Park Service Senior Passes

Since 1994, US citizens and permanent residents over the age of 62 have been able to buy the America the Beautiful — National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass for the low, low price of $10. This pass covers fees at over 2,000 National Parks and other federally managed lands for life. (For comparison, an a normal annual pass costs $80.)

Sadly, this gravy train is coming to a stop, seniors! Due to Congressional legislation, that price is going up to $80 on August 28. You can still get a pass before then at the current price in person at a federally managed site, or by mail or online for an additional $10 processing fee. The Parks Service is expecting high demand for this bargain, and warns that there might be delays of "up to several months" when ordering by mail or online.


September is when vineyards harvest their grapes, and there's some anecdotal evidence that they try to clear out inventory to make space for the literally tons of grapes that are about to come in. Look for bundle deals that will net you as many as 15 bottles of wine for just $44, saving you $222 off list.

We see five times as many deals on air conditioners in August as in September, with prices dropping by almost half.

Air Conditioners

If you need some relief from the last brutal heat waves of the season, now is a great time to get a new air conditioner. We see five times as many deals on these items in August as in September, with prices dropping by almost half. Last year, one of the best deals we saw was a Haier 6,050 BTU window air conditioner for $155 — that's $125 off.

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