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Charmin Flushable Wipes Settlement

Did you purchase at least ONE Charmin Flushable Wipes product between April 6, 2011 and November 26, 2018? You may be entitled to get back upto a $4.20 check ($.60 for each product) from this Charmin Flushable Wipes Settlement if you are eligible! Simplycomplete the short form by February 28th to submit your claim. This settlement is about how these wipes were being advertised as being “flushable” and “septic safe,” but led to major toilet issues and, for some, expensive plumbing bills.

No proof of purchase is necessary (up to 7 product claims) to obtain settlement benefits, but please do not fill it out if you never purchased these products to qualify. If you have proof of purchase, you can get up to a $30 check. It is against the law to fill out the form if you do not qualify. Go here for more information

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