Entries from January 9, 2005 - January 15, 2005


New Printable Coupons & Lower Your Bills!

Lots of new finds, such as

Nestle hearts printable coupon , free sample of VIACTIV® Multi-Vitamin Chews, Campbell's Sports pasta soup coupon, a free subscription to Black Enterprise magazine and new Super Target printable coupons.

I found this article on MSN, Young, carefree . . . and deep in debt, a good article to read and pass on.

Have you been thinking of making money from home? Taking surveys is a great way to earn cash and gift cards. Mystery shopping is another popular choice for making money on your own schedule.

After the holidays, I got my phone bill and it was crazy! I was with AT&T, who charges a monthly fee, but then checked out LowerMyBills.com and found Power Net Global. They offer 3.9 cents a minute with no monthly fee! I signed up online, very quick signup and I've been very happy with the service. They also have other plans, that also offer 3 cents a minute and no monthly fee.

I also looked into reconsolidating some debt and I ordered my credit report.


Deal Alert newsletter, Freebies & More!

Have you heard of Suave's Hair Guarantee? If you aren't satisfied, they will replace or refund your purchase price. And be sure to enter Suave's Contest and receive a $1 off Suavecoupon!

If you are shopping for electronics this coming weekend, be sure to print these coupons for Best Buy.

Three great freebies I found today- Free t-shirt from Viactiv and take a survey for General Electric and receive a free pen and paper set. And sign up to be notified when free movies come to your city from Loew's (select cities).

You know what bugs me? Winter weather when I want to bargain shop! The last few days it's been in the 60's and beautiful. I look out the window this evening and it's snowing! Wacky weather! We've had so many storms this winter already, (one 15 inches of snow), who knows what we'll wake up to!

And if you haven't signed up already, we have a new "Deal Alert" newsletter. This deal alert newsletter will contain exclusive deals to subscribers only. Be the first to know about the latest bargains! To sign up, go to the last newsletter you received, scroll down and click on "update your profile". Go to "Your interests" and check "deal alerts". You are now signed up to be the first to receive hot deals, as they are posted! These e-mails will be limited to only a few a week.

If you are a new subscriber, you can sign up for both newsletters at one time! The sign up box is to the right!


Christmas Clearance Sales

If you are still hoping to find Christmas clearance, CVS has 90% off Christmas items. Other drugstores, such at Rite Aid and Walgreens, might be a good place to find deals. I'm so happy I stocked up last Christmas 2003, it sure came in handy this year! And I'm all set for Christmas 2005 with wrapping paper, cards, etc!

Bath & Body Works has extended their 75% off sale until January 17th! They are also handing out coupons for free Lemon body cream.

Has anyone tried that new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? It really is magic! I was skeptical about it at first, but then got some $1 coupons and a good sale and bought a box. It really worked well on getting stains off my kitchen table! Get a free sample!

Are you thinking about taxes yet? Here is an article on how to get your refund fast, read it here.


Target & Blockbuster

As many of my family and friends know, I am a Target fan. I love those endcaps! But when I heard that they changed back the price on some of the "hidden" deals, like the Scotch tape, I was really surprised! Target has also tightened up their requirements with coupons as well. A few times now I've gone in and the coupons have been scruntized very closely.

Did anyone else do too much bargain shopping in the past few weeks? I know I did. The sales at Target were too good to pass up!

Just read Huggies coupons are coming up in Sunday's paper. Did you know that at many stores, those with Catalina machines, if you buy a product (such as Cascade), a coupon for the competitor's product will print at the register? I've gotten several coupons for Pampers diapers at Tops (high value too), when I bought Huggies.

Anyone else think that Blockbuster ending late fees is just a new way for them to make more money? If anything, this new policy makes me want to return the dvd all the quicker, so I don't get charged for the movie! I've switched to using Blockbuster Online. They offer a free 2-week trial, no late fees, plus printable in-store coupons for free rentals!