Entries from July 24, 2005 - July 30, 2005


Burger King update, new Printables, more

Burger King cash card update! I mailed them a letter, explaining how every Burger King I went to, wasn't handing out the cards and I had to ask each time and they sent me a nice letter and coupons for (2) free Whoppers! I was surprised they responded so quickly, but very happy. I just wish they would tell their cashiers to hand out the cards. I've since stopped collecting the cards because it's not worth the hassle. Especially when you can only use (1) $1 card per Amazon order! Originally, I thought the cards were stackable.

Click and Dannon with donate to America's Second Harvest

Staples printable, 12% off- 7/31-8/13

Dick's $5 gift certificate printable coupon- 7/30/05

Earth's Best Free Coupons and Baby Cereal sample

Footlocker 30% off- 7/30/05

Free copy of Lane Bryant "Beautiful" magazine

LNT contest- win a Human Transporter or $500 Linens N Things gift card- 9/3/05

Loreal Kids Jungle Sweepstakes- win a trip to Florida and lots more

Best Buy printable, 15% off open-box items- 7/30/05

Free Tide samples and more at Walmart 8/4-8/13

Free Photoshow Software for Comcast subscribers

Free Disneyland Resort DVD

Factory Card & Party Outlet, 20% off $20+- 8/28/05

Barnes & Noble, B1G1F Frappiccino- 8/12/05

Kellogg's Wobblers, 3 upcs + $1.99 s/h

BIC freebies for teachers, first 15,000 registrants

Meijer Super Saturday Sale- 7/30/05


Need Your Frugal Anniversary Party Ideas!

I'm planning a 35th anniversary party and need your ideas! I'm looking for frugal, fun ideas and links to web sites, articles and books! Please email diane@savingsmania.com I appreciate your help!


Electric Overload..

Ugghhh...this hot weather. All winter I looked forward to summer and then we get the hottest, most annoying summer. Too hot to go outside, too hot to bargain shop. I'm glad for online shopping, bargain shop in the comfort of my a/c! Anyone else's electric shutting down? Ours shut off three times in the past 24 hours. Must be too many a/c's going and there's some kind of overload. It's the worst when it happens and you are in town and none of the traffic lights work! People all of a sudden forget how to drive and become paralyzed with fear. Especially at 4 way stops. If I wasn't stuck in it, it would be almost amusing. I'm getting out my flashlights and candles in case the power goes out, again!

Free Tie-Dye T-shirt

Home Depot Do It Herself Workshop- Aug.8, 2005

Meijer $10 savings on jeans, click for all the details

TBS contest- win a trip, Baskin Robbins ice cream, more

Baskin Robbins, $1 off Bold Breeze, Cappuccino Blast or Ice Cream shake

Some McDonald's are offering DVD rentals, pick up a movie with your Big Mac! Use the word FREE at check-out, to get your first movie on the house!

New Try Me Free:

Go Gurt Smoothies: Buy: One Go Gurt smoothie 4 pack


-The original official mail in request form

-The original retail store and product identified cash register receipt(s) dated after 5/30/05 with the Go Gurt Smoothie purchase circled.

-The UPC bar code symbol from your Go-Gurt Smoothie purchase.Receive: A cash refund check for your purchase price by mail. (up to $3.79)

-Mail to:

Go Gurt Smoothie Try Me Free Offer
PO Box 40061
El Paso TX 88540-0061

Expires 6-30-06

Free Parenting Car Organizer:

Send 2 UPCs from the following: Venus disposable razors, Woolite, A+D Ointment, AccuCORE, 3 Musketeers, Stayfree Advanced, Hellmann's, 3-A-Day Milk cheese yogurt, Kraft singles, or Hamburger Helper. Expires 8/31/05 - no form needed. Send name, address, and phone number. Seen in Parents Magazine.

Parenting Car Organizer

Box 9221

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071


Target Clearance Disappearance...

You know what bums me out? When I read on a message board about Target clearance, such as the Restore & Style bins and I go there, and the shelf is completely empty. I've read about Ebay sellers who go in and completely clear out the "good" Target clearance, before anyone else even has a chance and then they make a profit off it on ebay. I wish Target would limit them from doing this, but they won't, because all they care about is selling the merchandise. Guess it is first come, first serve! Anyone else notice in the past couple years how quickly Target clearance disappears?

Printable- $1.50 off Raid Earth Options spray

Win a day of pampering from Olay- 9/30/05

Win Fandango movie tickets from Mazda- 9/30/05

Fisher-Price Sweepstakes- win a trip to NYC for Thanksgiving or a $75 shopping spree

Doritos contest- win concert tickets instantly- 7/31/05

Win a trip to VH1's "Save the Music" concert, much more- 8/24/05

Free sample of Pantene Expressions shampoo

Win a Pier One gift card- 9/25/05

Free Smucker's 100th anniversary cookbook, $3.95 s/h

Free sample of Starbuck's Doubleshot Espresso

Dodge/Great Clips Instant win- win one of four new 2006 Dodge Dakota R/T trucks, much more- 9/16/05

Keebler/Smucker's recipe booklet offer, 2 upcs, limit 5 per household

Kraft freebie- Free Motorola phone- 9/30/05