Entries from August 28, 2005 - September 3, 2005


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I want to first start off this entry by saying that if you can do anything to help the victims of Katrina, please do. Here is more information on how you can help and here's how you can donate money. They need all the money, support and prayers we can give them!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Meijer is also have a Super Friday and Saturday sale. Let's kick it off with a bunch of new stuff!


Borders 30% off printable- 9/5/05

Sign up for Bath & Body Works mailing list and receive a coupon for a free Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine

Borders Student Days coupon, 9/6-9/12, 20% off

Best Buy 10% off coupon- 9/2-9/5

Freebies + Offers:

$1 Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins, every Tuesday

Free screenings of the movies "Head Cases" and "Reunion", select cities

Directv customers: Free HBO/Cinemax preview weekend, 9/3-9/7. Also, Starz is having a free preview next weekend (Sept. 9-11).

Free Crayola Erasable markers by mail, with Ziploc purchase- 10/31/05

Free screening of the movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played", 9/29/05, select cities

Having a bake sale? Sign up for a free planning kit from Splenda.

FTD Good Neighbor Day, free flowers, Sept.7th! Check for your nearest participating florist!

Coming in 9/4 Sunday paper: There will be a new P&G coupons, plus a new Pampers and Luvs diapers promotion. Purchase either and you'll get a free clutch handbag filled with P&G beauty products. It's called the "P&G Baby Yourself Handbag Offer, Box 24467, Edina, MN 55424" and products must be purchased by 10/8 and postmarked by 10/11/05.

Free Science Diet Puppy Food sample

Free sample of Tag body spray

Free LeapPad products when you purchase select Quaker or Tropicana- 11/26/05

Keep an eye out for: “All*You” magazine at Walmart. The September issue has over $15 in coupons for brands like Hamburger Helper Oxy Clean, and more.

Free coupons for Lamisil-- call 877-404-FEET

Also look for: New Kraft booklet in stores called Food & Family. There are 4 coupons inside: Miracle Whip or Sandwich Spread, Bullseye BBQ Sauce, Shake 'n Bake, and Oscar Mayer,they expire 10/31/05. Also Tops has a new "back to school" booklet at registers w/ lots of valuable coupons inside.


And I Thought $2.50 was bad...

Gasoline prices are $3.09 here and more in some parts of the country! Read more from MSN.com. I just got $2.49 at Costco, by a miracle. I had been there earlier today and saw the price but didn't think much of it, until my husband came home and told me that gas was over $3.00. I jumped in the car, hoping the price was still at the same at Costco and it was. Unfortunately, over 50 other people had the same idea as me. There were huge lines and police directing traffic. I don't know if the price will be the same tomorrow, I doubt it. Will gas over $3 curb my driving? Definitely. I hope the price goes down sometime this year. Check this site for the lowest price in your area. I suggest you fill up tonight or tomorrow morning, there have been rumors of gas shortages. But let's not panic. Having a full tank of gas is just a good idea anyway!


Waiting for the Rain...

It's been raining since this morning and is going to continue through tomorrow! Hurricane Katrina is here! Here's the latest:

Advance screening of "Flight Plan", select cities

Free Del Monte Lullabies CD, pop + s/h required. Expires 12/31/06.

Free fall candle from Hallmark with purchase- 9/25/05

Potty training web site for parents from Pampers

New Pepperidge Farms instant win game

Schick Quattro razor giveaway- select cities, check for yours

Stayfree Dry Max rebate offer

Free Lego set from Life cereal. Expires 5/1/06.

Free cosmetic bag from Oprah, when you purchase a grassroots item at Kohl's- 12/1/05

Ziploc Dry Bag rebate- 11/4/05

Plus, I've updated the retail printable coupons page with tons of new coupons, check it out!

Factory Card and Party, 20% off $20+- 9/29/05

Linens N Things, 20% off printable coupon- 9/2/05


A Prayer for New Orleans...

I was watching CNN today about the hurricane headed for Louisina. I'm sending a prayer out to all of you in the storm's path and hope the storm dies down and it doesn't turn into the disaster they are predicting! Here in Ohio, we are expected to get a ton of rain later this week, from the hurricane. That's not good news for us, because in the upper west side of Cleveland, we had a lot of flood damage over a week ago. The sidewalks in my neighborhood were lined with tons of furniture and carpeting. I've never seen so much furniture outside in my life! Luckily, our basement held up, though our roof does leak sometimes. Yesterday, we had another huge thunderstorm, but luckily, no flood damage. And now, more rain later this week! I know that's nothing compared to what everyone in the south will be going through...

Here's the latest:

Purchase Revlon cosmetics and send away for free gifts

Estimate your home's value with this calculator from Bank of America

Enter the Olay Silk Beautiful Day sweepstakes- 9/30/05

Free tire gauge from Good Year