Entries from October 15, 2006 - October 21, 2006


Weekend Update

Stamps.com is Evil.

Let me explain. I just spent several hours this week, on hold, trying to cancel my account. One day I was on hold FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT. I never got a human being until my husband found a secret phone number for them. I finally got through to someone and they tried to tell me that even though I was calling before they were going to bill me again, they still had to charge me!! And this is for a service I never used!! And on top of that, I told her about all the time I spent on hold and she told me that was "impossible". If you google stamps.com, you'll find tons of complaints against this company. Here's one I found.

I was livid and told them that wasn't acceptable. I've already lost $16, I'm not going to lose another $16. So you put me on hold to talk to her "supervisor" and they waived the next charge.

Don't sign up for stamps.com, the hassle is not worth it!!

Now on to happier things!

Senseo $20 rebate- 6/30/07

American Greetings, b1g1f printable coupon

Caribou coffee beverage, b1g1f coupon- 10/27/06

Free Carnation Recipe Booklet

Chuck E Cheese printable coupons- 11/14/06

Check specially marked packages of Con Arga foods for $2 coupons off "Cars" movie toys

Pier One, 20% off- 10/22/06

And another Pier One deal: Buy 5 ornaments, get 1 free, Oct.16-22

Meijer Super Sale- Oct.21 only!

Marie Callender Crock Pot Meals printable coupon

Join Coffee Mate's rewards program

Taster's Choice, 75ยข coupon


Mid-Week Update

Start (or wrap up) your Christmas shopping with this deal--$10 off $75+ Toys at Amazon! This also includes clearance toys and toys ship free on $25+! This deal ends Oct.24th! See more info!

Have you been playing the McDonald's game? I've been playing and noticed I've only won a few food prizes. When they were giving away Snapfish prints in the online game, I won a lot less than I did last year. I think they've made it harder to win! Speaking of hard to win, here are the elusive game pieces that I haven't been able to find:

  • Boardwalk
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ventnor
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • St. Charles
  • Vermont
  • Mediterrain
  • Short Line


Free Kodak film (4 rolls)

Toys R Us, Over the Hedge, $3 off- 12/31/06

Startsampling has a bunch of magazine samples on the site now: Redbook, Child and Bridal Guide

Gapkids, Gap Maternity or babyGap, $10 off $50+- 11/7/06

Children's Place 15% off- 10/29/06

We just made a New Birthday Freebie List! Check it out!

Bath & Body Works- FREE Temptations or Holiday Fragrance Collection product, w/ $10 purchase- 11/5/06


Monday Update

Meijer Deals:
Free Dole salad, when you buy (2) Good Seasons Salad Dressing
Buy (3) Kellogg's cereals and get $2 off strawberries
Buy (2) Kellogg's Special K cereal and get free Special K protein water
Buy (2) Kellogg's Pop Tarts and get (1) Free Meijer frozen o.j.
Buy (2) Kellogg's breakfast bars or bites and get (1) free Meijer yogurt
Buy (3) boxes of Eggo waffles and get (1) free Eggo syrup
Buy (2) Morningstar frozen items and get (1) free dozen Meijer eggs

Buy $30+ of select products and get a coupon for $10 off your next grocery order. Products include:
~Tyson nuggets (coupon)
~Ore-Ida fries (coupon)
~Edy's ice cream
~Red Baron pizza (coupon)
~Healthy Choice meals (coupon)

~10/$10 products include Dannon Frusion, Progresso, Heinz Gravy and more


Cheer detergent free sample

Lowe's $10 off $50+ home decor purchase- 10/30/06

Old Navy, $5 off $25+- 10/31/06

Best Buy 12% off coupon (for rewards card members)- 11/15/06

Free Cat Kit from Hill's

Sunsilk samples

Free Pria Grain Essentials energy bar sample