Entries from December 31, 2006 - January 6, 2007


Weekend Update

At the start of a new year, many people make resolutions. Some vow to lose weight or get their homes organized, while others want to get their finances organized. Two of my money resolutions include to save more money and pay off school loan debt. Here are a list of books I have in my bookshelf, that I highly recommend!

Tiptionary (Paperback), $12.99

Debt-Proof Living: The Complete Guide to Living Financially Free (Debt-Proof Living), $12.06

The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness, $16.49

More Books:

Shop, Save, and Share (Paperback), $10.19

The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich, $10.36

The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke, $16.47


All You Can Eat Pancakes at Ihop (participating locations)

Free Chicken of the Sea tuna coupon

Glad products, $1 off coupon

Sign up for Auntie Anne's pretzel offers

Free Frozen Italian Lunch For You & 5 Friends

FREE 20-minute DVD ofJohn Stossel's segments from ABC's 20/20

Hershey's Vintage T-Shirt Offer

Free sample of Glo After Dark by JLo perfume

Free coupon for Minute Maid Frozen Novelty

Baskin Robbins, $1 off medium or large frozen beverage- 1/14/07


Lots of New Sales + Deals

Think you could go a year without shopping? I know I couldn't!

Target deal alert!
Fisher-Price ESPN Fast Action Football Table, $34.99 (originally $139.99)

Family Christian, buy 1 item, get 1 50% off- 2/3/07

Free Celestial Seasonings tea sample

Free Olay Definity free sample

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Free Purell Sample

Free Sample of Woolite® Liquid Cold Water Wash

Disneyshopping.com Clearance Sale!


Some good deals to look for:
Nemo Fishy Friends PJ Pals, $3.99
Create-Your-Own Personalized Tees for Kids, $7.99
Pop Up Playsets, $17.99 (choose from Pirates of Caribbean, Princess Castle and Cars)
Lots more!!

Hickory Farms


Free Kissables at Target, Lots More

I finally got out to Target today and there were a few things left, but not much. So if you haven't gotten to the 75% off, get there today. I got some good things. All the really good stuff (containers, inflatables, ornaments, etc.) were long gone. I checked out the food section and there were some food, in holiday packaging, but it was marked a different price and was not 75% off. Very annoying. I remember a few years ago, holiday packaged food was included in the holiday clearance.

But here's a Hot Deal!!! Free Hershey's Kissables at Target! Print the coupon from this page and they are currently 75%, 69¢ a bag. There was a whole bunch at my Target and I'm sure at other Targets too!!

And if you are shopping around to other grocery and drug stores, get there in the next couple days. Stores get pretty anxious to clear out holiday merchandise and it will be completely disappearing from stores very soon.


New 2007 Freebies + Offers

Have you been to the Target for the 75% off clearance yet? I haven't had a chance to go. From what people are reporting on the message boards though, it sounds like everyone is getting some good deals!

Speaking of good deals, Amazon is offering $30 off $99+, when you buy Huggies, Pull-Ups, etc, plus FREE shipping! Awesome deal for stocking up on diapers and delivered right to your door!

This past week I've been reading more blogs and one of my favorites is "Mommy, Are the Toys On Sale?"

Free 7 day supply of Coffeemate

Free pedometer from Tylenol

Join the ColdEeze Ambassador Program and earn points for free stuff

Free South Beach coupons and offers


Happy New Year!

I wish all of you a safe and happy New Year's! From what I've read on message boards, some Targets went to 75% today, while others (like mine in NE Ohio) are still stuck at 50% off. It's rumored they are finally going to 75% off tomorrow (Jan.1st).

Here are some really helpful Target tips I received from Kristen:

*check back endcaps in the sheets and towels (domestics). last year, i got a set of queen-sized flannel sheets at 90% off- that's $1.99!

*chemicals- that's laundry detergent- often has things like air freshener and candles. if you go to the actual aisle, look for the christmas-y scents like apple cinnamon or pumpkin pie or grandma's baking, stuff like that. check the scanner, and they may just be 49 cents.

*women's socks- often, the christmas ones get overlooked. same goes for christmas shirts in the men's, women's, kids, and infant's departments.

*check hardware, automotive, and often the men's underwear department for those red target boxes of things like thermal mugs and auto kits. those count, too.

*i know for a fact that the entertainment department at my target hasn't put the calendars in the section yet. almost all (but not quite all!) of them are 75% off as well. some of the christmas books are, too, but usually those get shipped back the day after christmas. all christmas CDs are on clearance, too.

*a lot of times, things in the snacks department get overlooked. double check for hickory farms or starbucks stuff, or even the jack daniels coffee. a lot of times, people put them back in the regular section. warning: the christmas goldfish crackers and keebler stuff doesn't go on sale until later for some reason!

*also in snacks: check out the jones soda in case someone put it with the regular soda.

*in the cosmetics and health and beauty, scope the endcaps around the pharmacy for perfume gift sets. right now, also check out the sonia kashiuk section- the gift sets are on sale, and there's a very cute travel brush set that should end up being 5 bucks. there's also the salon stuff that's on clearance, and some makeup kits, too.

*in the jewelry department, all of the jewelry boxes in red and white boxes are on clearance. also, the christmas jewelry. there's a great set of radko snowflake earrings i got for 50% off, but an extra two dollars off would have been better!

*check out the small appliances (housewares) department, especially back endcaps. all of the red box stuff is on clearance, and in my store right now i saw the dish sets that were originally 40-60 bucks where the other dishes sets are, and those will be 10-15 dollars today! also, this year, we sold punch bowls and cheese domes and cake domes. check out the normal section for this and look for the red and white boxes.

*also, check out the tablecloth section. last year, my mom and i each got a complete matching set of red damask tablecloths and napkins (well, she got hers in ivory) for 90% off!

*also, check out the toys. tons of stuff goes super clearance after christmas!

*the sporting goods department is on super clearance right now, and those packaged bouncy balls are 75% off.