Entries from December 21, 2008 - December 27, 2008


After Christmas Update

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I've already gotten a lot of emails with all the clearance deals. It's looking better than Black Friday!

Article: Where to Find the Best After Christmas Deals

Bath and Body Works Clearance Sale

Bed Bath and Beyond, 20% off

Borders is having a huge sale, plus get 20% off 1 item

Costco Deal Alert! These items may be gone at your local Costco, but it's worth checking!
Biscuit Furreal dog-- $44.97
LeapFrog Didj AND a game-- $27.97
LeapFrog Crammer-- $12.97
LeapFrog pen reading game AND two books-- $17.97
HSM doll 4-pack-- $8.97
Discovery globes-- $7.97
Pokemon handheld game thing plus toys-- $6.97
HSM dance mat plug in game-- $5.99
Star wars make a monster thing-- $5.99

Save Up to 60% at The Semi-Annual Sale at DisneyShopping.com!

Family Christian, 25% off- 1/3/09

Gymboree Semi Annual Sale

Harry and David, 20% off entire purchase- 12/31/08

Lands' End Inc

Target is 50% off holiday clearance

Yankee Candle Clearance Sale


It's Almost Christmas Holiday Update

We went out to Costco today and got a few things. Surprisingly, the lines weren't that long! It helped that they had every register open too. We got a few gifts and one of those huge trays of Costco holiday cookies. I bought a tray a few years ago, but was more impressed with the cookies this year. Sugar cookies, mini m&m cookies, pecan cookies and more. Yum! I think it was about $17 for tray, well worth it.

I think I'm done with my shopping. Every year, there are always those last minute things I want to buy. I've been shopping for over a month and I need a break! That's until holiday clearance on the 26th! I may or may not check it out, I don't think 50% off is a good enough discount! The problem is if I wait too long for 75% off, all the good stuff is gone.

I'm taking off a few days and will be back on the 26th! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


Nescafe coffee coupon

- Lots of free offers expire on Dec.31, take a look at the list!

Borders, 40% off 1 item- 12/23/08

Save on all the things you love to do!

Iams $3 coupon offer

Check out Amazon's limited time deals-- stock up on your favorite food and health and beauty products and have it shipped to your door!