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Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Study: What Your Fave Flavor Says About You

What's your favorite ice cream? Mine is cookie dough. I found this study very interesting!

Here are some of the surprising results from the study from Baskin Robbins:

  • If your favorite flavor is Vanilla, you’re more likely to be impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist.
  • If your favorite flavor is Chocolate, you’re more likely to be dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible.
  • If your favorite flavor is, Very Berry Strawberry, you’re more likely to be a tolerant, devoted and an introvert.
  • If your favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip, you’re more likely to be argumentative, frugal and cautious.
  • If your favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, you’re more likely to be ambitious, competitive and a visionary.
  • If your favorite flavor is Pralines ‘n Cream, you’re more likely to be loving, supportive and prefer to avoid the spotlight.
  • If your favorite flavor is Jamoca (i.e. coffee), you’re more likely to bescrupulous, conscientious and a moral perfectionist.
  • If your favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip, you’re more likely to be generous, competent and a go getter.
  • If your favorite flavor is Rainbow Sherbet, you’re more likely to be analytic, decisive and a pessimistic.
  • If your favorite flavor is Rocky Road, you’re more likely to be aggressive, engaging and a good listener.

Virtual Call Center Agent: Earn Cash From Home

What Is a Virtual Call Center Agent?

Working as a virtual call center agent requires answering incoming phone calls that are routed to your home phone. Many of the virtual call center companies assign you to one specific client in order for you to become comfortable with that specific script and product.

Calls are mostly customer service based calls and may include helping people with their accounts or orders. Clients range from pizza delivery stores to credit card companies.

Some clients are more sales focused, and a few virtual call center companies also conduct outgoing calls. Read as much as possible about the company and the job description before applying and then choose one that you know you will feel comfortable doing.

What Equipment is Required to Be a Virtual Call Center Agent?

To get a job as a virtual call center agent, you must own your own computer and each company has specific technical requirements that your computer must meet. In most cases, as long as your computer is not ancient and you have a decent amount of memory, you won’t have too much of a problem meeting these requirements.

Almost all companies also require that you have high speed internet and a land line phone. Cell phones are not usually acceptable, and a headset is usually required in order to type and talk at the same time. You’ll want to check out the individual requirements on each company’s website before applying to be sure that you can meet them.

Are You An Employee or an Independent Contractor?

A handful of companies, including Teletech and Alpine Access, will hire you as an employee, but many take you on as an independent contractor. These two options lead to a lot of variables between companies.

How Many Hours a Week Do You Have to Work?

Being an independent contractor typically means less commitment as far as how much you are expected to work. Most allow you to log on and schedule yourself for shifts with only a very minimum number of hours required to stay on – sometimes as little as a shift a month.

Because of this, they usually have a lot of contractors employed in order to ensure they are always staffed, and this can make getting enough shifts more difficult depending on how much you want to work. Independent contractors are usually allowed to work for more than one virtual call center, so you may need to sign up for multiple companies in order to get steady work.

Conversely, companies that hire you as an employee will usually have a non-compete agreement and will not allow you to work with another virtual call center while employed with them. They may require you to commit to certain shifts each day of the week and work a minimum number of hours depending on if you are part-time or full-time.

This guarantees you plenty of work but may not have the flexibility some people — moms especially — may need. Evaluate what you really want out of this before applying. Can you commit to working full-time? Or do you just want some extra pocket money?

How Much Will You Get Paid Per Hour?

Another variable between companies is how the pay is calculated. Some call centers pay by the hour. These are usually the ones that hire you as an employee.

It is not uncommon, however, for some to pay by the minute of talk time – so if you happen to get a slow shift you may not make as much money as you were hoping. During the holidays this is usually not a problem, and most companies that pay by the minute make an attempt to not overschedule in order to keep everyone busy. You just want to be fully aware of all of these variables before you accept a position.

What Companies Are Hiring Virtual Call Center Agents Right Now?

VIP Desk is currently hiring for a number of positions with November training classes. They are filling both part-time and full-time home-based concierge positions, as well as what they call “brand ambassador” seasonal positions.

Convergys is filling multiple positions for both full-time and part-time customer service agents for multiple clients.

Teletech is hiring for their part time customer service and season customer service positions.

LiveOps is hiring for their emergency roadside assistance call center team.

TranscomWestAlpine Access and Working Solutions are all currently accepting applications.

Another option is applying directly with some of the companies who are now hiring their own virtual call center agents including 1-800-Flowers and U-Haul.


Source: Alaina Forbes from Telecommuting Mommies


Irish Spring: 1,000 Win Free Body Wash, More

What’s your Summer Survival Style? Make your choice and Irish Spring will recommend the right Body Wash for you. 1,000 will win a free bottle of their recommended Irish Spring Gear Body Wash. Enter to win here, good luck!

ULTA: Free Blow-Out

On July 11th, 18th AND 25th from 5PM-8PM, you can snag a FREE blowout using Living Proof products when you book an appointment at your local Ulta Salon (you can choose your style, straight blowout or Frizz-free curls or sleek pony!). Keep in mind that pre-booking is required and spaces are limited so be sure to call your local salon to check availability and to schedule your appointment. Head on over here for more details.

BOGO Coca Cola Coupon

You can get a BOGO coupon for a 20oz bottle of Coke. Just share a Coke with a friend through Facebook on your mobile device.  This offer includes Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero and the coupon expires 8/23/14.

Teachers: Win a $1,000 Container Store Gift Card

We’re honored to support teachers’ efforts through our Organized Teacher Discount Program. In fact, we’re going to give one lucky teacher a $1,000 organized classroom makeover from The Container Store!

To enter, simply leave a comment below on this blog post by Sunday, July 20, 2014 telling us why you, or a teacher you know, needs and deserves to win our Organized Teacher Summertime Sweepstakes*.

The Container Store will provide $1,000 in product to help the lucky winner organize his or her classroom before the school year begins. 


Free Electrasol Dishwashing Detergent Sample

Go here to get a FREE Electrasol dishwashing detergent sample.

Delicious Candy Apples

This takes me right back to the county fair! Learn how to make fool-proof candy apples here.

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