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The Best Banana Bread

This was definitely one of my fave school treats in my lunchbox- banana bread! Get a really good recipe here. From the Domestic Rebel.

Cute Candy Pencil

1. Cute Candy Pencil

Rolled caramel candies
Cardstock — chrome yellow and dark pink
Paper cutter (optional)
1-inch circle punch
Craft tape runner
Fine-tip permanent markers — black and blue
Aluminum foil
Glue stick (extra-strong)
Chocolate candy drop (one per pencil)
Adhesive dots


  1. If using individual candies, tape seven of them together to form a roll. Remove the paper flag from the chocolate drop. Using an adhesive dot, attach the chocolate drop to one end of the roll of rolled caramel candies
  2. Using a paper cutter, cut a 3 1/2-by-4 1/2-inch piece of yellow cardstock. Cut a 3 1/2-by-1/2-inch strip of pink cardstock. Cut a 3 1/2-by-1/2-inch piece of aluminum foil
  3. Match the 3 1/2-inch sides of the yellow and pink cardstock pieces together. Attach them to each other using the craft tape runner. Fold the strip of aluminum foil into thirds. Using the craft tape runner, attach the foil strip to the yellow paper, just below the pink strip
  4. Using either marker, write the back-to-school greeting you desire in the middle of the yellow paper
  5. Run a line of extra-strong glue along the back of one long side of the yellow cardstock (the attached pink and silver strips will be on the opposite side). Roll the yellow cardstock around the prepared roll of caramel candies, keeping the pink and silver strips on the outside. Hold the paper together until the glue adheres and it is safe to let go
  6. Create the “eraser” by cutting a 1-inch square from pink cardstock. Using an adhesive dot, attach the pink square to the caramel candy at the pink end of the pencil. Trim the edges to create a circle
  7. Repeat steps to make as many pencils as desired

Tip: Using the black marker, darken the tip of the chocolate drop to give it the appearance of lead or graphite.


Free Photo Magnet, Address Labels or 8x10 Prints from Shutterfly

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Payday Loans: John Oliver Video

Payday loans are the devil, seriously. If you have ever been snared in the trap of a payday loan, you will know what I am talking about. This video is a much watch- hilarious and very educational. 
Some highlights, courtesy of Consumerist.com:

1. On their being more payday lending operations than McDonald’s in the U.S.:
“I didn’t know there was anything more than McDonald’s in America, including people and grains of sand.”

2. On payday lender Kwik Kash:
“What could be more reassuring than a business that can’t correctly spell either their product or the speed at which they’re getting it to you?”

3. On Montel Williams’ ads for MoneyMutual.com:
“Quick question Montel: How the hell are you a financial spokesman? ‘Hey everybody, isn’t that the guy who did that episode on how difficult it is to be the less pretty conjoined twin? Everybody be quiet, this guy might have some pretty sound financial advice!'”

4. On 1900% APRs on payday loans:
“Even the most demanding, abusive football coach only ask for 110.”

5. On a single payday loan resulting in several subsequent payday loans to cover the original amount borrowed:
“Basically, payday loans are the Lay’s potato chips of finance — you can’t have just one and they’re terrible for you.”

6. On the huge amount of money that payday loan borrowers often end up paying just to finance a small initial loan:
“It is not often that a metaphorical slippery slope costs as much as a ski vacation.”

7. On the argument that the customer demand for payday loans justifies their existence:
“It’s also worth pointing out that the customer demand for heroin is overwhelming and that doesn’t mean it’s a product you’d necessarily recommend to your friends to get them out of a jam.”

8. On Cash America paying millions in penalties for illegally overcharging military servicemembers:
“They must have been the ones driving around with the bumper stickers saying ‘Extort Our Troops.'”

9. On Ohio payday lenders getting around state laws regulating short-term lenders by registering as “mortgage lenders” who just happen to offer mortgages with values as low as $300:
“Why even bother calling yourselves mortgage lenders? Why not just call yourself ‘peanut butter octopus’ companies? You can’t regulate peanut butter octopi; they don’t technically exist.”


Coupon Preview: August 17, 2014

Redplum 8/17

.50/1 Always Discreet adult bladder liners or pads (Target) (exp 10/17)
$1 off Always Discreet adult bladder protection underwear (Target) (exp 10/17)
$1 off Cat Chow Cat Chow bag, 3.15 lb + (exp 11/17)
$2 off Garnier Nutrisse haircolor or color styler (exp 9/13)
$2 off Gillette Clinical deodorant (exp 9/30)
.25/1 Heinz tomato ketchup, 32 oz + (exp 10/31)
.25/1 Heinz specialty or flavored tomato ketchup, 13-14 oz (exp 10/31)
$1/2 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets sandwiches, 8-9 oz (exp 11/30)
$3 off L’Oreal Advanced treatment or 25.4oz shampoo or conditioner (exp 9/13)
$2 off L’Oreal Advanced hairstyle product , excl 1.7 oz (exp 9/13)
$1 off L’Oreal cosmetics item (Walgreens manufacturer coupon) (exp 10/16)
$1 off L’Oreal haircare item (Walgreens manufacturer coupon) (exp 10/16)
$2 off L’Oreal haircolor item (Walgreens manufacturer coupon) (exp 10/16)
$2 off L’Oreal skincare item (Walgreens manufacturer coupon) (exp 10/16)
$1 off Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, 10 oz (exp 10/31)
$1/2 Luigi’s Real Italian Ices, 24 oz + (exp 9/25)
$2 off Secret Clinical deodorant, 1.6 oz (exp 9/30)
$3 off Secret Clinical deodorant, 2.6 oz (exp 9/30)
$1 off Superpretzel soft pretzel item, excl 7-9 oz stand up bag (exp 9/25)
.50/1 Tide Simply Clean & Fresh, Era or Cheer 25oz+ detergent, Downy liquid fabric enhancer or Bounce sheets, excl trial size (exp 9/30)
$1/2 Tide Simply Clean & Fresh, Era or Cheer 25oz+ detergent, Downy liquid fabric enhancer or Bounce sheets, excl trial size (exp 9/30)
$10 off Zyrtec product, 70 ct + (exp 8/24)
$4 off Zyrtec product, 25-30 ct (exp 9/13)

Smart Source 8/17

.55/1 Bimbo bread, 20-24 oz (exp 10/4)
$1 off Blue Diamond chilled or shelf stable almondmilk, 32 oz + (exp 10/17)
$1.50/2 Blue Diamond almond bags, 4 oz + (exp 10/17)
$1.50/2 Blue Diamond nut thins, 4.25 oz (exp 10/17)
$1 off Brut Classic fragrance or deodorant, excl Revolution 2.25 oz (exp 9/10)
$1/5 Buddig original or cracker snackers packages, 2 oz (exp 11/15)
$1.50 off Carnation Breakfast Essentials box, canister or multipk. (exp 10/20)
$1 off Clairol Aussie shampoo, conditioner or styling items (exp 9/30)
$1 off Clairol Herbal Essences body wash, excl trial size (exp 9/30)
$1/2 Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo, conditioner or styling items (exp 9/30)
$4 off Claritin children’s chewables, 20 ct + (exp 9/14)
$3 off Claritin children’s syrup 4oz+ or Reditabs 10ct (exp 8/31)
$3 off Clear Care cleaning & disinfecting solution, 12 oz + (exp 9/30)
$1 off Clearasil product (exp 9/27)
$2 off Depend bed or seat protectors, 8 ct + (exp 9/27)
$1 off Depend shields or guards for men (exp 9/27)
$1 off Depend product (exp 9/27)
$5 off Dr. Scholl’s custom fit orthotic inserts (exp 9/13)
$1.50 off Dr. Scholl’s Odor-X foot care item (exp 10/12)
$1 off EAS product (exp 9/13)
$3/2 Flintstones multivitamin supplement items, excl trial size (exp 11/30)
$1 off Flintstones product, excl trial size (exp 10/26)
$1/3 General Mills cereals (exp 9/27)
$3 off GenTeal lubricant eye drop, gel or ointment (exp 9/30)
.75/1 Glade Automatic Spray refill (exp 9/20)
$2 off Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit (exp 9/20)
$1/2 Glade Fall Collection items (exp 9/20)
.55/1 Glade Jar Candle (exp 9/20)
.75/1 Glade Plugins Scented Oil twin or (2) single refills (exp 9/20)
.55/1 Glade Wax Melts, excl warmer (exp 9/20)
.55/1 Glade Premium Room Spray (exp 9/20)
$1/3 Hartz Delectables cat treats (exp 10/11)
$1 off Hartz multi-cat strong cat litter (exp 10/11)
$1/3 Hershey’s, Kisses, Rolo, Reese’s or Kit Kat Minis, 8.55 oz+ (exp 10/12)
$1/2 Hormel Rev Wraps (exp 10/6)
$5 off ICAPS eye vitamins (exp 9/30)
$5 off insync natural probiotic (exp 10/31)
.75/1 Jennie-O lean ground turkey (exp 10/13)
.75/1 Kraft mayo or Miracle Whip dressing, 22 oz + (exp 9/20)
.55/1 Kraft A.1. sauce 10oz+ or dry rub (exp 9/28)
$1/2 La Victoria salsa, 12 oz + (exp 10/13)
$1/2 La Victoria salsa or taco sauce , 12 oz + (exp 10/13)
$10 off Little People Wheelies City Skywalk purchase, $30 + (exp 9/30)
.50/1 Maruchan Bowl (exp 10/15)
.50/1 Maruchan Yakisoba item (exp 10/15)
.55/1 Nature’s Harvest bread, 20-24 oz (exp 10/4)
$1 off Nutella Hazelnut spread, 13 oz + jar (exp 10/15)
$3 off Opti-Free product, 10 oz + (exp 9/30)
$1.50 off OxiClean Extreme Power Crystals dishwasher detergent (exp 9/27)
$1 off OxiClean White Revive stain remover, liquid or power paks (exp 9/28)
.50/1 OxiClean Pre-treater (exp 9/28)
$8 off Oxytrol for Women 8 patches/32-day supply (9/27) (exp 9/27)
$4 off Oxytrol for Women item (exp 9/27)
$1.50/2 Poise pads or liners (exp 9/27)
$1 off Poise pads or liners (exp 9/27)
$1.50 off Poise Ultimate long pads (exp 9/27)
$1 off Precious Galbani Stringsters or Sticksters, 10 oz + (exp 10/31)
$4 off PUR faucet mount or pitcher (exp 10/31)
$3 off PUR filter multi-pack (exp 10/31)
.50/1 Reach toothbrush, excl Crystal Clean (exp 12/31)
$1/2 Revlon Colorsilk, Luminista or Frost ‘n Glow (exp 9/20)
$1 off Revlon Luxurious Silk Buttercream (exp 9/20)
$2 off Starbucks VIA instant beverage, 5 ct + (exp 9/30)
$1 off Sure product, 2.6, 2.7 or 6oz (exp 9/10)
$3 off Systane lubricant eye drop formula , 2×10 ml twin pack (exp 9/30)
$1 off Texas Pete Chai (exp 11/30)
.50/1 White Castle microwaveable hamburgers, 6 or 16 ct (exp 10/4)
$1/4 White Castle microwaveable chicken sandwiches or (6) jalapeno cheeseburgers (exp 10/4)
$1 off Wonka Peel-A-Pop frozen dessert pops, 8 ct (exp 9/30)


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