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DIY Yarn Turkey

What a cute idea! 

Two foam balls: one big and one little. The exact sizes are up to you, but a 9-inch ball and a 4-inch ball would work. They will eventually be the body and the head of your turkey
Two balls of yarn: one light brown, one dark brown
Felt: orange (for the beak) and red (for the waddle)
Two glue-on googly eyes
Wooden craft sticks
Brown, orange, red and yellow craft paper
Crayons or markers


  1. Cut a 1-inch sliver off the larger ball to make a flat base for your turkey. Then, wrap the larger ball in dark brown yarn. (Tie a knot at the bottom. Some crafters recommend a shot from the glue gun to be sure it holds.) Wrap the smaller ball in the lighter yarn, securing with a knot and glue
  2. Using a wooden craft stick, skewer and connect the big ball to the small ball. Be sure to balance it so that your turkey does not tip forward
  3. Make your turkey’s face: glue on the eyes, cut and glue two triangles for the beak and a red teardrop for the waddle
  4. Cut feather shapes from your craft paper — be sure they are large enough for guests to write on. Bend each one in half lengthwise to create a seam. Glue a toothpick to the bottom third of each feather

On Thanksgiving Day, have guests write things they are thankful for on the feathers and stick the feathers into your turkey to create his fan-shaped tail. If your group is small, spread your feathers out so that they fan across the turkey body. If you have a big group, it’s fine to have multiple fan layers.

Where should your grateful turkey sit? Some families may opt to make this a table centerpiece, giving it a place of honor at the meal. But there are other options that make sense.

  • Consider placing the turkey and its feathers on a table near the front door and ask each guest to complete a feather upon arrival.
  • Really shake things up and sit the turkey, its feathers and its message of gratitude on the coffee table by the football game. It’s a good reminder that the holiday isn’t all about a favorite sport.
  • Finally, if your kids’ table is mostly school-age kids, let the turkey be their centerpiece.

Tip: Consider making time during the meal to discuss your gratitude feathers.

Source: Homemadesimple.com


Toys R Us Hasbro Games Rebate

Here's a new Hasbro Game Rebate that makes for some great deals on Hasbro Games at Toys R Us. There is a limit of one rebate for each game title, and a limit of one submission per household (maximum rebate of $32 total). Mail your completed rebate certificate with applicable boxes checked as well as your original cash register receipt(s).

:: $4.99 Games ($2.99 After Rebate)

  • Ants in the Pants*
  • Candy Land
  • Chutes and Ladders
  • Cootie
  • Don’t Break the Ice*
  • Don’t Spill the Beans*
  • Memory

*These games are not advertised at this sale price in the ad, but they are listed as $4.99 online. If you don’t find them at $4.99 in the store, know that Toys R Us price matches to their own online prices – see the Toys R Us Price Match Policy for more details.

:: $6.99 Games ($4.99 After Rebate)

  • Clue
  • Connect 4
  • Guess Who?
  • Sorry!
  • Trouble

:: $10.99 Games ($8.99 After Rebate)

  • Battleship
  • Operation
  • Scrabble
  • Twister

Toys R Us Black Friday Ad

Go here to see the Toys R Us Black Friday ad!

Lindt: Win $500 Santa's Sack Sweeps

Enter the Lindt & Stuff Santa’s Sack Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of the $500 selections of Lindt products in a red holiday sack!

6 Ways to Save at Home Depot


1. Don't Ignore the Cents in the Price

I recently had a former Home Depot employee, who used to perform all of the price changes in his store, inform me of how their pricing system works. Use this information to determine what items are clearance price, and if they might go even cheaper.

Price Ending in .06

If you see an item with an ending price of .06, you know it's a clearance item. These price stickers will typically be printed on a yellow tag. The "6" means that after six weeks, if the item has not sold-out, the price will be lowered again. Look for a date printed on the price tag, as that indicates the date the tag was printed. If the date is close to six weeks ago, you know the item is about to get marked down again. If they still have plenty in stock, it's worth waiting in order to get it cheaper in the near future.

Price Ending in .03

Any price ending in .03 is a clearance item that has been marked down from .06. This means that after three weeks, the item will be removed from the store if not sold-out. Typically, when you see an item ending in .03, printed on a yellow tag, it's the rock-bottom price and your best opportunity for a deal. Again, examine the date on the price tag to determine how close the item is to being liquidated.

2. Negotiate the Price on Damaged Stuff

The Home Depot is notorious for slashing the price on any visible imperfections or damage on either the product's packaging, or the item itself. When I worked in the warehouse, we were actually given the authority to knock 15% off the price on damaged products without any managerial approval required. Use this insider information to your advantage, and look for items that have cosmetic damage. Then, ask an associate if a discount is available.

Your chances of success increase greatly if you're polite and ask in a conversational tone. Also, if the item is the last one on the shelf, and shows even the slightest evidence of damage or wear, your success rate will increase substantially as employees want to clear it out of the store, since they know they'll have trouble selling it at full price. As a general rule of thumb, I like to start by asking for a 25% discount, knowing that I will probably settle for 15% off.

3. Score a Deal on Products Wrongly Stocked

This tip is not for everyone, but I saw it work several times during my employment at Home Depot. The average store stocks thousands of products, and every once in a while, a product is put back in the wrong spot or simply mis-stocked by the overnight crew. If you notice that a product is incorrectly stocked, and has a lower shelf price tag then it should, you can politely ask for the lower price.

According to Consumer Reports, the store does not have to honor the lower price, but in many cases, Home Depot will give you the lower price if the price difference is not outrageous. I saw this work for a customer that found a $25 Purdy paint brush stocked with the $5 cheap brushes. The assistant manager immediately gave him the $20 discount rather than argue with the man and create a scene.

4. Buy "Oops" Paint for Cheap

The next time you need to paint a room, or even an entire house, always check the "oops" paint rack in the Home Depot paint department. You'll find it next to the paint mixing station and it's where they sell highly discounted paint that was either mistinted by the paint machine, or simply not the color the customer requested. Having worked in the paint department in my younger days, I can tell you that you'll find some amazing hidden gems. This is especially true if you're not picky about paint color and simply looking for something neutral. Examples include one-gallon cans of Behr paint for $5–$8, and five-gallon buckets of paint, which typically sell for $125, can often be had for under $50.

A word of caution: Always ask to see the actual paint color, and never trust the color swatch on top of the can. To foil customers trying to scam the system by intentionally rejecting a color so they can come back and buy it from the "oops" rack, employees will sometimes add bright colors to the cans and change the color intentionally. Make sure the color you think you're getting is the actual color.

5. Buy Paint on a Holiday Weekend

Sticking with the paint theme, another insider tip I learned while working in the paint department involves the rare days of the year when paint actually goes on sale. The best days of the year to buy paint are on holiday weekends when the weather is warm. These include Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekend. The discount is usually a $5 rebate on one-gallon cans and a $25 rebate on five-gallon buckets. These holiday sales are typically good for both major brands of paint (Behr and Glidden) that Home Depot stocks. So, if you're thinking of doing a large painting project in the near future, it may very well be worth the money to wait, and buy, on one of these sale weekends.

6. Buy a Gift Card for Less Than Face Value

If you have a large remodel or DIY project in your future plans, you should definitely consider buying a discounted Home Depot gift card and easily save 7%–10% off your purchases. This is done by taking advantage of websites like Gift Card Granny and Raise, which sell unwanted gift cards at less than face value. Typically, the higher the gift card balance, the larger the discount. For example, right now you can buy a $100 Home Depot gift card on Gift Card Granny for $90 with free delivery.

By knowing some of the inner-workings of Home Depot, you can definitely learn to save money — money that can easily be used to make your next DIY or home remodel project a little more affordable. Whether it's knowing how they price clearance items, or how willing they might be to negotiate the price of an item, it's all information you can use to become a smarter consumer.

Source: Wisebread.com


My Coke Rewards Double Points

From November 16th through November 20th, where you’ll be able to get double points on participating 12-packs of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero. Click here for more information.


Shutterfly: 101 Free Photo Prints

Shutterfly is offering 100 FREE 4×6 photo prints when you use the promo code MORETHANKS at checkout plus the cost of shipping. Or you can order 99 photo prints instead of 100, you’ll save $2 in shipping costs and pay as low as $5.99 to have them shipped to your door – that makes the photo prints ONLY $0.06 each! 

Coupon Preview: Nov.15, 2015

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