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24 DIY Food Gifts in a Jar

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133 Fun Stocking Stuffers

Here are 133 fun and affordable stocking stuffer ideas for everyone!


For the Little Kids:

1. Playdoh
2. Bubble bath
3. Bathtub crayons
4. Pacifier
5. Cute socks
6. Baby/Tot photo book 
7. Dum Dum lollipops 
8. Bubbles
9. Character band-aids
10. Board book 
11. Character spoon and fork set
12. Character kids cup (Target “dollar spot” often has these)

For the Older Kids:

13. Noise maker (shakers, tambourine, maracas, whistle)
14. Mini box of sugar cereal
15. Stickers – especially scratch n’ sniff stickers 
16. Pez
17. Tape 
18. Chinese paper yo-yo 
19. Candy necklace
20. Stretchy bugs/critters 
21. Silly straws
22. Glow sticks
23. Astronaut Ice cream 
24. Lip gloss/lipstick
25. Mini nail polish 
26. Fruit snacks
27. McDonald’s gift card 
28. Matchbox cars
29. Slap bracelets
30. Kazoo
31. Crayola Model Magic packs
32. Lego or Playmobil mini figures
33. Food shaped erasers 
34. Glow in the dark stars and planets
35. Heat bags 
36. Dress up jewelry
37. Earrings
38. Travel game
39. Webkinz or other small stuffed animal
40. Fancy scissors
41. Silly socks
42. Box of crayons
43. Coloring Book
44. Silly putty
45. Can of silly string
46. Animal sponge capsules
47. Expandable t-shirt, towel or washcloth
48. Glue sticks
49. Markers
50. Watercolor paints
51. Origami paper
52. Disposable camera
53. Rearview spy glasses
54. Smencils-scented pencils

Teen Gifts:

55. Earbuds
56. USB Flash drive
57. iTunes gift card
58. Stretchy book covers
59. Diary with invisible ink pen
60. Cell phone cover
61. Embroidery thread for friendship bracelets
62. Beef jerky
63. Gift card to bowling alley or skating rink
64. Makeup
65. Funky pens
66. Gel pens and black paper
67. Perfume
68. Nail polish in funky colors
69. Manicure pen
70. Lanyard for keys
71. Keychain
72. Wallet

Mom Gifts:

73. Coffee shop gift card
74. Nail polish
75. Scented hand lotion
76. Scented hand sanitizer 
77. Camera memory card 
78. Costume jewelry (earrings)
79. Gift card for a pedicure 
80. Keychain charms of kids with initials 
81. Package of decorative buttons (for crafting)
82. Knitting needles or crochet hooks
83. Crochet or knitting pattern book
84. Fancy hand soaps (particularly from Bath & Body Works!)
85. Seeds
86. Scrapbooking ribbons, tags, embellishments, etc.
87. Fancy cupcake liners
88. Beaded bookmark
89. Fancy scissors
90. Scrapbook paper 
91. Gourmet coffee
92. Specialty tea
93. Ped Egg or pumice stone
94. Votive candles
95. Icing tips/bags
96. Mascara
97. Box of dollar store note cards
98. Chocolates

Dad Gifts:

99. Coffee shop gift card
100. Drill bits
101. Tool keyring 
102. Mini flashlight
103. Gift card to bowling alley
104. Wallet
105. Tape measure
106. USB flash drive
107. Picture hanging hardware 
108. Nails & screws
109. 3M hooks
110. Car charger for cell phone
111. Beef jerky
112. Car wash gift card
113. Golf tees
114. Golf balls
115. Pocket Farkle

Practical Gifts:

116. Barrettes / pony tail holders
117. Comb
118. Calculator
119. Book light
120. Pencil sharpener
121. Deodorant
122. Toothbrush
123. Kids toothpaste
124. Dental floss

For Anyone:

125. Favorite candy bar
126. Snack packages (cheese crackers, cookies, etc.)
127. Hand Sanitizer
128. Gum
129. Sudoku book
130. Christmas ornament 
131. Hand and foot warming packs 
132. Slipper socks
133. Hot chocolate packets

Source: Organizing Home Life


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