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Rebate Tips: How to Get Your Cash

While many rebate offers are generous, companies are banking on the fact that most people do not send in the rebate! And if you do send it in, they are going to try and find a reason to reject it.

Companies will reject rebates for a variety of reasons. That is why it's important to photocopy (or scan) the rebate form, UPCs, receipts and other required paperwork, including a contact phone number or email address, you may be out of the rebate. It may seem like a hassle, but it's important to have proof that you sent in the  required paperwork.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the cash coming to you:

Tip 1: Fill out everything

Companies would love to find one flaw in your rebate form, just so they don't have to pay up. Don't give them the chance to reject your rebate! Fill out all the required information and be sure to photocopy (or scan) it, so you have a copy for your records.

Tip 2: Attach the required documentation

Some rebates require specific proofs of purchase, receipts with purchase prices circled and other requirements. Read over the rules very carefully before gathering together the paperwork.

Tip 3: Mind the deadline

While some companies have generous deadlines for sending in rebate forms, others require a very short time frame for sending in rebate forms. Pay attention to the deadline!

Tip 4: Send it certified

In general, if your rebate amount is over $20, or whatever amount you decide on, send it certified, with delivery confirmation. This way, you'll know for sure if and when they received it.

Tip 5: Package it securely

If you have a ton of paperwork to send, be sure the envelope is big enough and sealed securely. Also, be sure there is enough postage on the envelope and your return address is written clearly.

Tip 6: Keep your rebates organized

Even if you've passed the test and mailed your rebate in on time, the company will hope you have a very short memory. Typically, rebate checks take six to eight weeks to arrive, sometimes longer. To remember what was sent in and when, create an Excel worksheet with the name of the rebate, the address, the phone number, the amount owed to you, when it was sent and if it was sent certified. If your rebate doesn't show up, you'll know how to contact them.

Tip 7: Persistence pays

If you find yourself in dispute with the company over a rebate, be persistent and provide every form of proof you can that you sent in everything correctly. Companies don't want to lose customers and would rather work with you, than refuse to honor the rebate.

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Free Kindle Books


Want to stock up on some free books for your Kindle? Here are 7+ sites that offer FREE books:
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You can also get books at:

  • Public libraries: Here's how to use the service (although the tutorial is intended for Nook owners, the same process applies to Kindle).
  • BookLending.com: Any "lending-enabled" Kindle book can be loaned one time for up to 14 days. This site matches borrowers and lenders.
  • eBookFling.com: Another sharing site.
  • Amazon Prime: Borrow from over 300,000 titles, one per month.