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Cookie Exchange Party Tips and More

For several years now, I have been going to an annual cookie exchange and it’s always a lot of fun! Here are my best tips for having a memorable cookie exchange:


Ask each guest to bring a big batch of cookies. You’ll need to estimate 1 dozen multiplied by the total number of guests. We typically have 8 people at our cookie exchange, so that would be 96 cookies. 

You may want to provide guidelines to each baker so that you get a good cookie assortment: rolled cookies, bar cookies, drop cookies, decorated cookies. Your friends may have family recipes they wish to share. You can also find tons of recipes online, like on Land o Lakes or Very Best Baking.
Packaging the Treats: 
Each guest should also bring copies of their cookie recipe and  containers to take cookies home. Heavy duty plastic freezer bags will work for sturdy cookies, but decorated cookies and more delicate shapes should be packaged in tins or sealable plastic containers. Provide waxed paper or parchment for separating layers of cookies. 

Last year, I picked up a few  inexpensive bakery boxes to package the cookies. You can find bakery boxes and more cute containers on ebay. And to add extra style to your cookies with these  adorable gift tags


Buy reusable tote bags and include Yankee candles, along with the cookies. When I did this last year, everyone loved getting a little something extra. You could also include an assortment of candy, stickers or another small treat.


Before the guests arrive, put on some holiday music and light a seasonal scented candle or spray a little holiday room. This will put guests in a holiday mood! 
Besides snacking on cookies, set out big bowls of popcorn and chips, the veggies and dip and an insulated server of hot chocolate and a pitcher of cider for all the cookie bakers to help themselves.


Ask your guests to mail (or e-mail) their cookie recipes to you, or collect the recipes on the day of the party. Compile the recipes into a booklet for everyone to take home! Recipe booklets can be made in Microsoft Word or if you want to do something fancier, you can create a cookbook online. Or they can write them out on recipe cards.


Have guests to bring an unopened package of store-bought cookies or canned food. You can then collect the packaged food and bring them to a homeless shelter or food pantry. We also like to make extra plates of cookies for elderly relatives who couldn’t be at the party and we drop them off later.

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Sports Clips Holiday Sweeps

Sport Clips is celebrating the holidays by launching this new Sport Clips $250 Gift Card Holiday Sweepstakes! Each day through December 14th, they will be giving away a $500 Visa Gift Cards and swag bag ($90.94 value). Be sure to get an entry everyday to increase your chances of winning. Good luck! 


Legrand In Wall Power TV Kit Review @LegrandNA @BestBuy #ad

We recently got a new TV and were looking for a way to hide those ugly TV cables.
It includes easy routing of TV power and HDMI cable in-wall, with no electrical wiring required.
Connect your television to cable and electricity in seamless style with this Legrand flat panel recessed connection kit. 
Here are the Product Specs: 
Compatible with any TV brand
Ensures flexible use.
Easily expandable
Extends power to a wall mount TV without modifying the home's existing electrical wiring.
Duplex receptacle
Powers multiple devices such as a TV, speaker bar or internet media box.
Recessed receptacle
Supports almost any type of power plug including right angles and wall warts.
Unique decorator based power inlet strap
Provides flexible project support for ganging other connections.
Hides both power and AV cables
For a clean, professional installation.
First here is what the kit includes:
To give you an idea of how we installed it, here is a diagram:
It only took about an hour but now our TV has a neat, clean look! 
Here is a video too to show how easy it is to install:
The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. @LegrandNA @BestBuy #ad



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Free Sara Lee House Party Pack

Sara Lee® Holiday House Party House Party

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Treat your friends and family to Sara Lee® Desserts and show them a delicious and easy way to serve something special at all their celebrations this holiday season. Everyone will have a great time decorating holiday cookies with Sara Lee® All Butter Pound Cake and experiencing the fresh baked taste that feels like home.

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If you’re selected and confirmed as a host, your exclusive Party Pack will contain:

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5 Homemade Hostess Gifts


Here's what you'll need to make your own glitter ornaments: 

Clear glass ornaments 
Pledge Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine 
Fine glitter
A funnel 
A few cotton swabs 

To make the ornaments: 

1. Take off the hangers from the ornament 
2. Squirt some floor wax in the ornament and roll or swirl it around.  
3. Take the cap off of the floor shine and stick the ornament upside down on it so the extra drains back in.  
4. Pour a generous amount of glitter into the ornament through a funnel. 
5. Roll the ornament around so the glitter coats the inside. 
6. Put your thumb over the opening and shake the ornament, making sure glitter coats the neck and any other bare spots. 
7. Take the lid off of the glitter container and turn the ornament upside down on it so the loose glitter can empty back in the glitter container. 
8. Put the toppers back on the ornaments.


With materials you can find on ebay, make your own hostess gifts! 

Cork coasters 
Printed initial – Times New Roman or Georgia. 
Transfer paper 
Sharpie or permanent marker 
1.  Lay transfer paper face down on coaster. Center cut out letter on top. Make sure it is straight.  Using a pencil make an outline of the letter. The pressure of the pencil point will transfer graphite on the transfer paper to the cork. 

2.   When you are done, remove letter and transfer paper to reveal a graphite outline of the letter. 

3.  Fill letter in with a permanent marker.


You will need: 

mason jars  


cocoa powder or k-cups (we like Starbucks k-cups) 

cinnamon sticks 

Customize as you see fit! As you can see here, I added hot chocolate k-cups to one mason jar and mini marshmallows to another. 


Here is how to make this adorable chalkboard frame!
  1. Take apart a vintage frame (thrift stores, Goodwill are good places to find these) and cut a piece of black board to fit inside (from Home Depot).
  2.  Buy some chalkboard paint at Home Depot.
  3. To cut the chalkboard, you could use a porter cable multi tool. Then use Liquid Nails to glue the chalkboard into the frame.
  4. A hot glue gun works well to glue on a piece of felt for the back. If liquid nails gets on the blackboard side it's easy to clean off with a wet cloth if you do it right away.
  5. For the cord to hang the chalk, upholstery trim works nicely (hot glued only the trim not the chalk so the chalk can be swapped out.
  6. Make a cute and functional eraser by attaching a piece of felt to a wood block. You can use  a round wood block that has a hole in it, covered both ends in felt and wrapped it and hung it with trim (used hot glue gun). Use trim for a decorative hanger at the top (also hot glued).


This baking kit is a really fun, and quick hostess gift idea.  

Simply stock up on any kitchen tools that will fit in a new kitchen potholder and tie with a pretty ribbon! Some ideas:

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