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Target's New Black Friday Policy?

This may be for only the store mentioned but I wonder if it's going to be a nationwide rule. Only letting in 30 people at a time? Those 30 people could still tramble each other. It doesn't seem fair to let the 30 (who probably camped out for 3 days), get everything. I think a more fair system would be to hold a lottery and the winning tickets get to buy the merchandise. Not whoever can stand being outside for days.

As reported by Consumerist:

Here's a crazy idea: let's construct a Black Friday sale in such a way as shoppers aren't hospitalized in a mad dash for deals. That's what one Target store in Indiana is doing, where the plan is to only let 30 people in the store at a time on the sale day after Thanksgiving.

"I work for a Target store in Indiana. A couple weeks ago, I was informed we will be opening at 4AM on Black Friday," writes our inside tipster. "Furthermore, we will be letting 30 people in at a time, so as to avoid a horrible mad rush."

I like it. Maybe the store won't get that pent-up fury as people compete for so-so deals like monkeys at a banana tree, but they'll probably also avoid the risk of a costly lawsuit. Plus, if your customers are stretched out in the hospital recovering from contusions, they're not shopping.