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News: 12 Scams of Christmas

Don't fall for these 12 scams, such as fake holiday help, fake check scams and more.

Fake holiday help. Getting a seasonal job can be a great idea. In fact, it is one of our 5 Best Ways to Make More Money. But there are people out there preying on those who need work. Common scams to look out for include all manner of work-from-home jobs. If the so-called employer asks for money up front or your Social Security number, you might be on the verge of becoming a victim rather than an employee.

Fake charities. Don’t ever, ever, ever give money to any charity – even spare change – without checking them out first. And that’s something you can’t do if someone’s on your porch, at an intersection, or on the sidewalk asking for money. Read 4 Tips to Find the Right Charity, then visit the FTC’s website for a charity checklist.

Fake check scams. If someone is giving you money, how can you be scammed? The answer involvesfake checks. In these instances, buyers want what you’re selling on sites like eBay or Craigslist. Their next step is to offer you a cashier’s check for more than your asking price, on the condition that you return the difference. Weeks later, you are informed by your bank that the check was a phony, and you’re now out your money and your goods. The American Bankers Association has some tips to avoid being a victim, but in short, avoid cashier’s checks in situations like this and never return any difference in cash.

Counterfeit merchandise. In New York and other major cities, it is common to see street vendors selling fake watches and purses that appear to be high-end, name-brand goods. The modern version of these scams is to sell the merchandise online where the buyer has even less opportunity to inspect it. As Stacy said, beware of items that are priced well below their competitors, and be sure to buy from an authorized retailer.

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