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Score Freebies from These 10 Restaurant Chains

Who knew 140 characters could be so valuable?

If you’re already on Twitter, you’re well aware of the popular social network’s use of mini-updates to share its users’ thoughts with the world. Many people use the service to “tweet” what they’re currently doing or pass on popular article links. But it’s not just regular folks — many brands, organizations and restaurants have an active presence on Twitter.

Popular restaurant and fast food chains are reaching out personally to their customers, thanks to Twitter. They’re not just sharing the latest menu additions or store openings, though. They’re interacting with customers, and many even offer up valuable coupons to use on your next dining experience. Some host regular Twitter giveaways during which followers can win a restaurant gift card just for answering a question or retweeting a specific phrase.

Read on for JoeShopping‘s picks for the 10 restaurant chains you should be following on Twitter — the cherry on your ice cream sundae, if you will. If you’re not on Twitter yet, it’s easy and free to sign up. And don’t forget to follow @AllYou and @JoeShopping, too!

Arby’s (@Arbys)
The people behind the fast food king of roast beef sandwiches (and super yummy spicy curly fries) love to chat with customers on Twitter. They regularly offer up free gift cards or menu items to individuals, whether they’ve voiced a complaint about a recent visit to Arby’s or simply posted a fun, positive comment about the company.

Bonefish Grill (@BonefishGrill)
If you’ve ever eaten at the Bonefish Grill, you know how delicious their Bang Bang shrimp tastes. The restaurant’s Twitter team is giving away free orders of their signature appetizer weekly to a number of its followers who join in on the fun. Keep your eyes peeled regularly for similar food giveaways.

Friendly’s (@Friendlys)
Who doesn’t love a good hot fudge sundae? No, really? The folks behind the Friendly’s Twitter account certainly live up to their name. Besides posting fun, “friendly” tweets to customers all day, they occasionally run contests. They recently promoted their new Big Beef burgers, and regularly gave away free burgers to five followers simply for retweeting a message.

Outback Steakhouse (@Outback)
Expect a lot of “Crikeys” and all-around goofy posts from the Outback crew. If you’re lucky, you can also snag a coupon for a free order of their mouth-watering Bloomin Onions in their daily contest. They’re also quick to lend a customer service support hand.

Papa John’s (@PapaJohns)
Is there anything cooler than winning a free pizza on Twitter? Follow Papa John’s to take part in their regular pizza giveaways — if you’re a winner, they’ll send you a code for a free pie! They also routinely toss out free pizzas to various followers who tweet fun things about the company and its products.

P.F. Chang’s (@PFChangs)
Besides tasty food, P.F. Chang’s regularly serves up some of the best customer service around. Having a bad dining experience? Tweet at them immediately and you may find yourself with a gift card before the waiter even hands you your bill! There’s also plenty of opportunities to win various gift cards through regular Twitter giveaways.

Quiznos (@Quiznos)
You’ll get your hands on plenty of coupons for various menu items from the sub shop, but you can really score each and every Monday. Follow the #MondayMadness hashtag on Quiznos’ Twitter account and you could score some free subs and gift cards.

Red Lobster (@redlobster)
You can expect regular coupons from the seafood lover’s restaurant, as well as all sorts of Twitter giveways for $50 gift cards. The Red Lobster Twitter team works closely with their Facebook fanpage too, pointing to printable coupons and even a LobStar of the Week photo gallery.

Rubio’s (@RubiosTweets)
A West Coast specialty, Rubio’s makes a killer fish taco, and their Twitter stream is flowing with promotions and printable coupons for all sorts of menu items: $1 off any burrito; $1 off a Cabo Plate; free drinks. They also run contests on all their social media sites (like Facebook and Pinterest) and cross-promote them to their Twitter followers.

Uno Chicago Grill (@UnoChicagoGrill)
If you follow the popular pizza chain’s Twitter account, be sure to check in on weekends. That’s when you’ll find great printable coupons such as “Buy One Entree, Get One Free.” They’re also great at reminding followers about Free Kids meals every Tuesday.

(original link from All You)