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Consumer News: Apple E-Book Class Action

The settlement is not for people who purchased books from Apple’s iBooks store: they’re included, but the price-fixing settlement includes people who purchased any e-book from Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Group USA, and Simon & Schuster. Thanks to the vast array of imprints each publisher puts out, those could be under any of dozens of names: you can find a full list of imprints that would have been included in the suit in this PDF document.

$400 million of Apple’s settlement is earmarked for refunds to e-book customers. Appleinsider reports that you can expect between $6.05 and $6.54 for each bestseller purchased during the key period, and between $1.39 and $1.50 for each non-bestseller. You will not receive settlement funds for books that you downloaded for free, rented, or received as gifts. The books had to be purchased between April 1, 2010 and May 31, 2012.

However, the easiest way to know whether you’ll be receiving money from Apple is if you have already received money from your e-book platform(s) of choice. Google required affected users to file claim forms by October 31, 2014, and Sony issued payments automatically, but as paper checks. The other major e-book platforms automatically issued credits to users, and will do the same again once the Apple settlement is finalized.

If you need to update your contact information with the e-book stores, the state attorneys general behind the antitrust suit can direct you to the places where you should update your information for each store.

How to find out if you are included in Apple’s $450M e-book settlement[Appleinsider]
Attorney General and Class Apple E-book Settlement

Source: Consumerist


Recall: Nestle Stouffer's, Lean Cuisine, DiGiorno

Nestlé USA says several customers found glass in some of the products, though no injuries have been reported.

“Although our investigation is ongoing, we believe the source of the glass is spinach that was an ingredient common to the products subject to this recall,” the company said in a press release.

Consumers who may have purchased the products listed above should not consume them but should instead contact Nestlé Consumer Services at 1-800-681-1676.

The recall is limited to the products listed here.


Domino's: New Rewards Program

Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards programHave you joined Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards program? If not, head over here, log in/create a Pizza Profile and then be sure to check the box to join Piece of the Pie Rewards when you check out. Then each time you place an online order of $10 or more (including tax and delivery charge), you will earn 10 points – limit one per day. Once you have earned 60 total points, you can use these points online to score a FREE medium 2-topping pizza by simply clicking the REDEEM button in your Free Pizza Meter.


17 Cool Birthday Freebies for Kids

Here are 17 cool things your kiddos can get for FREE for their birthday!

27 Ways to Save on Groceries

Keep reading for 27 ways to save on your groceries.

Consumer News: Amazon Increases Min. Free Shipping

The minimum FREE shipping threshold, for NON-Prime members, has been raised from $35 to $49. 

Might be time to try Prime, FREE 30 day trial- 

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All You Subscribers: Get a Refund

If you paid for an All You subscription, they are offering a replacement magazine OR a refund. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a postcard to see what magazine you are offered and then call if you don't want it.

Dear Valued Subscriber, We are writing to inform you that ALL YOU is no longer being published effective with the December 2015 issue. The remainder of your subscription will be honored with a subscription to ESSENCE. You will receive one issue for every remaining paid issue of your All You subscription. We are sure that your will enjoy reading Essence. Your first issue of Essence will mail within 3 weeks. If you are already a Essence subscriber, your subscription will be extended. If you'd rather not receive Essence, Please Call 1-866-914-3403 within the next four weeks of the date above to receive a refund for the remaining value of your subscription.


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