Target Black Friday News: Opening @ Midnight

Target is going to be opening their doors at midnight this year for Black Friday. According to the Detroit Free Press, the stores will stay open for 23 hours and close at 11 p.m. Friday, Nov. 25.

Will you be there?


15 Black Friday Myths

Some of my favorites from the Dealnews article:

You need to camp out for the good deals--These days, more and more Black Friday deals are available online as well as in-store. In fact, last year, Target offered several of their doorbusters online, where a stacking 10% off coupon also applied. That means that select items were actually cheaper if you just stayed home and shopped online. It may not be worth camping out for Black Friday sales, where you'll likely just get shoved around as the 500 people behind you rush in at your tail.

Lowest prices on Black Friday--Although many Black Friday deals offer the lowest prices of the year so far, we will eventually see many sales matched or beaten later on; it just depends on whether you're willing to wait. Also keep in mind that retailers will often sprinkle in mediocre discounts with their doorbuster deals, in the hopes that shoppers will bite on high-profit items.

Easy returns--Not so fast! Stores tighten their return policies considerably during the holidays, making it harder to return items. Some retailers will only give you store credit even if you have a receipt. A handful of stores are now also keeping track of serial returners and banning them. If you don't remember to ask for a gift receipt for each item you purchase, your recipients might be doubly unhappy: they'll likely be offered store credit for only a limited portion of the return. Bah humbug!

Source: 15 Black Friday Myths


Toys R Us 10% Discount

Toys R Us is again planning to give its loyalty rewards members 10% back on holiday purchases made from Oct. 30 through Christmas Eve.

New for this year is a 2012 Super Savers Pass, which rewards members can earn when they spend $200 or more during the designated period. The pass gives rewards members more than $100 in savings, including exclusive coupons that will be emailed monthly next year.

The privately held toy company said Tuesday that its more than 24 million existing rewards members and new participants will be able to get 10% back in R Us dollars for each dollar spent on qualifying purchases. Shoppers can also earn holiday rewards with layaway purchases, but they don't qualify until fully paid. Layaway orders for toys must be paid in full by Dec. 4.



Walmart Holiday Price Guarantee Program

Wal-Mart Stores are now offering up a holiday price guarantee program starting November 1st and running through December 25th! Basically this means that you can score a refund (in the form of a Wal-Mart gift card) on the difference if you find the same product purchased at a Wal-Mart store advertised for a lower price elsewhere.

To get a gift card for the difference, customers must bring in their original receipt and the local competitor’s printed ad before December 25th. Items placed on layaway are also eligible for the Christmas price guarantee! All the info here.

* The offer excludes Black Friday ads and Internet pricing, among other restrictions.

Source: I Heart the Mart


Toys R Us Big Book Just Released just posted the Toys R Us big book catalog. Take a look.



New Blockbuster Unlimited Rental Plans

As reported by Consumerist:

Hoping to scoop up some customers who have fled Netflix and Redbox due to recent price increases, Blockbuster has launched a monthly subscription plan that provides unlimited, one-at-a-time rentals of games and movies, plus an additional film by mail each month. The challenge is to find a Blockbuster that's still open.

Home Media Magazine reports the plan, dubbed Blockbuster Movie Combo, costs $7.49 the first month, than $14.99 monthly afterward. Movie Combo will exist alongside movie and game rent-by-mail Blockbuster Total Access, which ranges from $9.99 to $19.99 a month.


Think this is a good deal?


Netflix Phishing Scam

There's an email that's been going around that pretends like it's from Netflix and they're having trouble with your credit card. Actually, it's from scammers and they want to steal your credit card.

A .zip file is attached to the email which says it's from "" The instructions say that your credit card was declined and they need you to download the .zip, open the .zip in your browser, and enter your info.

Here's the full text of the email:

"Dear Netflix Member,

Your payment method was declined for one of several reasons, such as insufficient funds or an expired credit card.

To correct the problem, please update your credit card or add a new one in order to be able to use your Netflix account in the future.

This is a reminder to update your credit card as soon as possible.

Please download the form attached to this email, unzip it and open it in a web browser.
Once opened, you will be provided with steps to update your account.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure your account safety.

Netflix Member Service,"



Target's New Black Friday Policy?

This may be for only the store mentioned but I wonder if it's going to be a nationwide rule. Only letting in 30 people at a time? Those 30 people could still tramble each other. It doesn't seem fair to let the 30 (who probably camped out for 3 days), get everything. I think a more fair system would be to hold a lottery and the winning tickets get to buy the merchandise. Not whoever can stand being outside for days.

As reported by Consumerist:

Here's a crazy idea: let's construct a Black Friday sale in such a way as shoppers aren't hospitalized in a mad dash for deals. That's what one Target store in Indiana is doing, where the plan is to only let 30 people in the store at a time on the sale day after Thanksgiving.

"I work for a Target store in Indiana. A couple weeks ago, I was informed we will be opening at 4AM on Black Friday," writes our inside tipster. "Furthermore, we will be letting 30 people in at a time, so as to avoid a horrible mad rush."

I like it. Maybe the store won't get that pent-up fury as people compete for so-so deals like monkeys at a banana tree, but they'll probably also avoid the risk of a costly lawsuit. Plus, if your customers are stretched out in the hospital recovering from contusions, they're not shopping.