Lucky New Yorkers- AOL settlement

One of the most exciting things I read today was about the AOL law suit. According to the article "AOL is also required to provide fee refunds for up to four months of service to all New York consumers who claim harm based on improper cancellation requests and pay New York state $1.25 million in penalties and costs." New Yorkers, you are in luck! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this applies to AOL customers in other states. Get your claim form here.

I signed up for AOL last winter and it took a good 6 months to get it cancelled. Meanwhile, they kept trying to charge my checking account, until I closed the account and cut them off at the source! I can't stand AOL, they have burned so many people.


Be on TV- Share Your Money-Saving Tips!

This is an excellent opportunity to share your wisdom with the world!

Here is the press release from the Today show:

Are you the world's biggest cheapskate?
NBC's ‘Today' show is looking for all penny pinchers. See details below
NBC's “Today” show is working on a special series called "Today's Cheapskate Week." We're devoting 5 days to finding the biggest bargains in the U.S. We're going to cover fashion, home, groceries, coupons and more. In addition, we're searching for America's biggest cheapskates with the thriftiest tips and we want you! So if you or someone you know is great at pinching pennies we want you to tell us about it. We also want to see your best money-saving tips.

Here's how to apply to participate in our series:

Set-up your video camera to face you, or have someone hold it, look at the camera and tell us why you're the biggest cheapskate in the U.S. Then show us some of your best tightwad tips. This should be something visual.

Or if your spouse, friend, relative or co-worker is America's biggest penny-pincher – we want that too! You must include that other person in your tape and show us why they are the cheapest person you know. It's good to keep your stories concise – aim for 2 minutes or less!

Since home video tapes can have technical problems, we suggest recording the same material several times. So do a few takes.

Any video format is fine, but we like to avoid Hi-8. That particular format is often troublesome for our editing machines.

When finished — please send your tape to:

Margaret Pergler
Today Show - Producer
30 Rockefeller Center
Room 568E-2
New York, NY 10112


Your tape MAY air somewhere between Aug 15th and Aug 19th, 2005. (Due to tight deadlines and constant show changes, we will not be able to notify you in advance. So get those VCR's or DVD recorders ready!)

Please note: Your videos and any of their content may be edited and used by NBC in all media WILL NOT be returned. Any materials you send in conjunction with this project become property of NBC.


The Burger King Saga...

I love when there are new promotions, especially when it's involving credit! This week, I went to Burger King for their new "Fantastic Four" promotion. I didn't get my Amazon cash card either time. I went back and asked for it and after waiting for 20 minutes, finally got the card. It was very annoying that they aren't including it in the bag or on the tray of food, like they should. My impression and I hope I'm wrong on this, is they aren't giving them out at all! The promotion is being prominently advertised as well, so I'm very surprised that two different Burger Kings messed up.

So, just a warning, if you order large or king size for the Amazon cash card, be sure you get it before you leave! It will be interesting to see if this is a widespread problem...and how quickly they fix it. Customers shouldn't have to waste their time to remind Burger King to give them their Amazon cash card.

Here's how to get a card for free: You can request cash cards by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope (#10 envelope) to: Official Cash Card Requests Box 1286 Elmhurst, IL 60126-1286 "Typed, computer-generated or otherwise mechanically reproduced outer envelopes are NOT allowed." Contest goes until 7/31/05 or while supply of cards lasts.


Toys R Us 90% Off Sales List

Message boards are buzzing about the big 90% off sale at Toys R Us. We've compiled a list of what people have been finding:

Imaginarium soft playsets--doctor's kit, picnic set and camping- $1.50 (reg.$14.99)
Clifford Sandbox w/lid- $4.00 (reg.$39.98)
Little Tikes Timber Town-$3.00 (reg. $29.99)
Inflatable Rescue Heros ball pit- $3.99
Talking Wendy from Bob the Builder- $.79
NHL 2001 Computer game 49¢
Extreme Music CD 98¢
Rudolph Movie Soundtrack on tape 80¢
Fisher Price Little People Christmas VHS movie 29¢
Hello Kitty Barbie style dolls-$1.00
My Scene doll with Vesper--$2.00
Gameboy Advance Indigo only (UPC 045496712112)-$7.00 (reg. $69.99)
Huffy Sport NBA 48 Main Court (UPC 172246)-$17.00 (reg. price $399.99)
Matchbox Magna Wheels sets - City Saver and Combat Rescue- $3.29
Elmo Music DVD .01
Rugrat VHS $1.19
Playstation 2 controllers the generic TRU kind - $2.99
Emerson personal cd player with headphones (HD7096)- $4.00
Sony Cd boombox- $8
GameCube battery pack platinum-$5.48
MTV clock radio with alarm-$2.50
Matchbox cars in a backpack-.59
Rescue Heroes accessary sets-0.59
Playskool GoBots - $2.50
Hidden Treasures sandbox-$6.00
Care bear ATV's and Barbie PowerWheelsVW Barbie 2 seater car- $14.99
Carebeart ATV Powerwheels-$9.99
Harry Potter sleeping bag-$1.60
Super soaker targets- $.49
Womans bike 26"- $2.59
In-Step double bike trailers-$8.81
10 in. boys bike- $5.99
12 in. boys bike- $5.99
Clifford plastic slide-$3.99
Little Skipper Sandbox/Pool- $3.00
Little Tikes Busy Gears- $1.50
Little People puzzle- .60
Little Tikes wooden trains timber town-$3.99
Eddie Bauer bouncer seats- $4.00
Diaper Genie- $1.99
Medela Breast pump and kit- $1.59
Onsies 3pk- .59
Playtex drop in bottles- .39
Sound n Light Baby Monitor- $0.00 (was $19.98 used $5 coupon in baby book =free)
Infant to Toddler Monitor- $0.00 (was $34.98 originally but green tagged and $5 coupon)Gerber 5-in-1 diaper bags-$1.39 (minus 15% off coupon)
Especially for Baby Soft Touch crib mirror- navy, has cow jumping over the moon design- .59
Little Tykes crib sheet white w/yellow duckies- .89
Spiderman Toddler bed set-$4.00
Safety 1st Monitor-$2.49
Mega saucer-$8.00
Century with a plaid pattern carseats
Belle (from Beauty & the Beast) buddy pillow - $.99
Snow White buddy pillow- .99
Bratz Boy w/ Motorcycle-$3.99
Bratz pen with lipgloss-. 59
Polly Pocket Hanging Out House $2.00
Rainbow Brite 6" doll sets- 79¢
Lil bratz fashion mall-$6.99
Loving Family house & stable- $5.00
Disney Beauty and the Beast playset-.49¢
Polly Pocket houses- $2.00
Lil Bratz Styllin rooms- $3.00
Bratz Boys-$1.39
What's Her Face doll carrying case-49¢
Girls on the Go doll pants-14¢
Little tykes wooden toys- $1.29
Quantum Leap Pad Harry Potter Book and cartridge- 50¢
Blue's Clue's Candy maker kit- 49¢
"Cosmo" a puppy by Imaginarium-80¢
Hear Me Out game by ToySite- $3.50 (reg price $34.99)
Concentration by Endless Games- $1.00
Imaginext Battle Castle by Fisher Price- $3.50
Imaginarium Signature Series Backgammon- $.60
Imaginarium Signature Series Checkers- $.80
Imaginarium Signature Series Tic Tac Toe- $.50
My First Games Wee Little Piggies- $1.00
Micro Pets 60¢
NHL lego sets- 39¢
NBA set- 49¢
4 piece Toddler Bed Set (UPC 0 70752 38822 0)-$4.00
Jumbo Knob Puzzle - Cow, Sheep, Rooster and Pig- $1.30
Learning Horizons Reusable Calendar Place Mat-20¢
Learning Horizons Subtraction Mat-40¢
Phonics Place-30¢
Disney characters with wind spinners for the yard- 20¢
Lisa Frank Backpacks (filled with school supplies (notebook, 3 ring binder, pencils, sharpener, stickers, stationary, folders, notepad)- $1.49
Timex Iron kids watches-$2.00
Kodak Advantix Camera with film-$1.50
Thomas Tin Game - $2.00
Trivial Pursuit Millineum Game - $3.00
PlayMobile Farm Set- $1.50
Playmobile Taxi-$1.70
Pat The Bunny songs audio tape- 29¢
Thermoscan ear thermometer - $5.00
Little Tikes crib sheet with little chicks - 90¢
Spiderman board game- $1.30
Hello Kitty Boombox--$4.99
Sony boombox--$8.00

Print this list! Many of the items above are not marked clearance, so you'll need to scan them to be sure! Good luck and have fun!

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