Spider Pinata

Find out how to make this adorable spider pinata here. Such a fun idea!



DIY Donut Pumpkins

So cute, love this idea! Besides the traditional pumpkin carving, I love trying new ways of decorating pumpkins.
One year we glittered pumpkins and I think this year I am going to try this idea!



Homemade Pumpkin Oreos

Here is a delicious homemade pumpkin Oreo recipe- from This Silly Girl's Life.



DIY Felt Acorns

Wool roving (found in yarn or crafts shops; use natural or dyed roving)
Dish soap
Warm water
Acorn caps
Hot glue gun
Spray paint (optional)


  1. Pull off a small chunk of roving and roll it into a ball about 1/3 larger than the acorn you want to make
  2. Add a few drops of dish soap to a bowl of warm water
  3. Dip the wool ball into the bowl. Compress the wet ball by rolling in the palms of your hands (just like making cookies or meatballs)
  4. Repeat step No. 3 and continue to roll the ball until it becomes dense. (Warm water + wool + friction = felt!)

Tip: If your ball wants to separate, add a thin layer of roving and continue to roll it until it is a solid ball.

  1. Once the ball is the density and shape you want, squeeze out any excess water. Set it on a towel to dry overnight
  2. Use a hot glue gun and dab a few dots of glue onto the inside of the acorn cap. Press it onto the felted ball

Tip: For a colorful twist, spray-paint the acorn caps in a metallic holiday shade or a color of your choice. Allow the caps to dry before attaching them to the felt body.

Decorate and Adorn
Here are nine ways to enjoy your super-cute handcrafted felt acorns:

  1. Holiday Tabletop: Sprinkle them on top of a linen table runner to make a simple autumnal centerpiece.
  2. Napkin Rings: Glue a trio of acorns onto a napkin ring to adorn each table setting for Thanksgiving.
  3. Acorn Wreath: Add a cluster of felted acorns to a wreath made with colorful autumnal leaves — or make an entire wreath of felted acorns.
  4. Gift Wrap: Mound a group of acorns on top of a gift box instead of using a bow.
  5. Tree Ornaments: Attach a thread hanger to transform each acorn into a tiny tree ornament.
  6. Earrings: Add earring wires to make a pair of holiday earrings.
  7. Hair Ties: Glue several small acorns onto a headband, hair tie or bobby pin.
  8. Necklace: String acorns onto a thin wire or string for a fall-inspired necklace.
  9. Frame or Mirror: Dress up a bland frame or mirror with a harvest of felted acorns.



Pumpkin Patties

How cute are these?? Find out how to make these easy pumpkin patties. From Mom on Timeout.



Apple Pie Bread

This bread looks absolutely delish! Get the recipe here from Pip and Ebby.



Crock Pot Apple Butter

Find out how to make this fall classic-crockpot apple butter!



Cider Spiced Donut Holes

Cider Spiced donut holes- can't beat this classic fall treat! From