Pumpkin Pie Bites




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Caramel Apple Gift in a Jar



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Ghost Sugar Cookies




These ghost cookies are adorable! And easy, just use a tulip cookie cutter.


18 Printable Halloween Coloring Pages




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Disney Halloween Printables




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Healthy Halloween Treats For Your Little Goblins


Pictured: My little Cameron, dressed up for Halloween, 2003

Halloween is all about the unhealthy treats, but this year I wanted to try something different. As a family, we are all working on a better diet. I found these healthy, Halloween-inspired treats @ Also be sure to check out our Halloween Pinterest board, for over 500+ ideas!


1. Veggie Skeleton with Double Dip. Create a spooky skeleton from your favorite vegetable dippers. Serve with extra cut veggies so as Halloween party guests eat the food, they can rebuild Mr. Bone's body for fun.


2. Hummus Pumpkin. When shaped into a simple pumpkin, hummus gets transformed into the perfect festive Halloween party food. Scoop hummus onto a serving plate, cover with finely shredded carrots, and make a stem from a piece of green onion -- it's that easy!


3. For a horrifyingly delicious Halloween party recipe, use mini Halloween-theme cookie cutters to cut out pieces of cheese and meat. Place the creepy cutouts on top of your favorite crackers and accent with leaves of dark green lettuce. Small black olive pieces easily embellish these creative crackers.

4. Graveyard Taco Dip. This would be really fun for a party too. Venture into this graveyard and you'll discover a tasty taco party dip. Layers of refried beans, lettuce, and black olives mimic dirt and grass; tortilla shells easily transform into tombstones, a spooky tree, and a creepy cat.



Monster Munchies




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