Earn Free Gift Cards By Watching TikTok

Download the TikTok App for iOS or Android and register. Open the rewards section by searching for "rewards" and click on any of the gift cards. Then scroll down and look for the "enter invitation code" section and enter code: 5RALO00U0NH05 to get 500 points. You can also perform these tasks listed below to earn more points. Once you have 1,000 points you can spend it on a Free $5 Target, CVS, Dunkin', Domino's, Burger King, or Uber Gift Card:

Read the Rules to earn 50 TikTok Points (redeemable only once)
Share the TikTok Rewards link with your friends to earn 10 TikTok Points (redeemable once per day)
Create and post your video as public to earn 100 TikTok Points (redeemable once per day)
Like a video to earn 10 TikTok Points (redeemable once per day)
Remind friends to finish the "Like a video" task to earn 100 TikTok Points (redeemable once per day)
Remind friends you invited to finish "Follow some" task to earn 100 TikTok Points (redeemable once per day)
Refer friends to earn 500 TikTok Points each


Earn $1000 By Watching Disney Movies

Disney+ logo, a website that reviews tech products and in-home services, is celebrating the launch of the new streaming service Disney+. They’re looking for as many as 5 lucky Disney fans to help them celebrate by binging on Disney movies.

Watch this video for more information on how the application process works.

Applicants must be ages 18 and older, a US citizen or permanent resident, and (obviously) a big fan of Disney movies. The successful candidates will receive the following compensation package:

  • A $1,000 stipend
  • A year-long subscription to Disney+
  • A Disney-themed movie-watching kit, including a mouse-themed blanket, four Disney-themed cups, and a Pixar popcorn popper complete with movie theater popcorn

If you’re selected for this job, you can fulfill the requirements by watching any 30 Disney feature films or full-length episodes of original Disney shows. Think you’re up for this challenge? Complete the online application by answering a few easy questions and uploading a video review of your favorite Disney movie.


Free $5 Target Gift Card

Here is a great way to earn gift cards, just by buying your favorite Kraft Foods. Using the Fetch Rewards app, scan your grocery receipt from ANY grocery, convenience, or club store.

If you’ve never used the FETCH REWARDS APP, you can get a FREE $5 Target gift card for SIGNING UP and scanning any shopping receipt.

Head over and DOWNLOAD THE APP, and then enter code R3QDP before you scan in any receipts.  You’ll get 4,000 bonus points from the code as soon as you scan in a receipt. 

Fetch Rewards is like Ibotta and other apps we use, but you also earn points for every receipt you upload.  As long as the purchase was in the last 14 days you can upload it. 

Enter my referral code, R3QDP, during signup and you'll get 4,000 Fetch Points.
It's easy to snag a FREE $5 Target gift card!

  • Download Fetch Rewards free here:
  • Enter my referral code, R3QDP, during signup and you'll get 4,000 Fetch Points when you complete one receipt.
  • Your gift card will be emailed to you.

5+ Ways to Make $$ at a Resale Event

Lately, I've been clearing out a lot of clutter before the holidays. I donate items to Goodwill but I also sell items at my local resale event in a few months.

If you have tons of baby clothes, toys and more that you no longer need, you have to keep reading! Many PTA’s around the country sponsor “resale” events, where for a fee, you can rent a table and sell your items.

Tip 1: Gather everything you want to sell

Here are some items that sell well at resale events:

-         baby and children’s clothing
-         brand new items
-         toys (new or barely used)
-         diapers
-         Little Tikes toys
-         Outdoor play equipment
-         Car seats
-         Strollers
-         Books

Items that don’t sell very well (or at all):

-         stained or torn clothing
-         toys with missing or broken parts
-         stuffed animals
-         fast food toys

Tip 2: Price competitively

You’ll want to price your items so you make a profit and still offer a great deal. Typically, here is how I price items:

  • Baby clothing: $1 each
  • Children’s clothing: $1-2 each, coats: $5 each, nice outfits $5 each
  • Brand new items: Depending on what it is, I take about 50% off what I paid
  • Toys: I charge more for new, in package toys. Used toys I charge less.
  • Diapers: $4 per bag
  • Little Tikes: Because Little Tikes is so expensive brand new, people are willing to pay a little more. So if your item was originally $150, try to get at least $50 for it.
  • Outdoor play equipment: Another popular category, price about 30-50% less than what you paid.
  • Car seats: You probably won’t get close to what you paid originally. Also, the car seat should be in perfect condition, never in an accident, etc.
  • Strollers: Depending on condition, 30-50% off what you paid.
  • Books: Typically, $1-2 per book
  • school packs. If you have extra, brand new school supplies, divide them up into Ziplocs and sell for $1 a bag.

Tip 3: Clean everything and price everything

It’s important to have great presentation when it comes to selling items. For example, I was all clothing and put into Ziploc bags, with the size and price on the outside of the bag. Toys are cleaned (baby wipes are great for this). Having great presentation at your table is essential for making sales.

Tip 4: Stuff to bring to the sale

-         tape
-         black marker
-         pens
-         change ($20-$30 in ones, $10 in quarters, some 5’s and 10’s)
-         snacks and drinks
-         a helper, to help sell and run the table, if you need to step out for a moment
-         A smile and a helpful attitude. Typically people who are coming to the sale are looking for specific items
-         Plastic bags to bag up their purchases
-         Box to keep money in

Tip 5: Have fun!

Resale events are great for not only getting rid of clutter and making money, but meeting new people! Have fun with your sale!


10+ Ways To Make Money on Ebay

Recently I decided to declutter my home and post items on Ebay.  I made $2000 in a few months selling on Ebay, here's how! 

Choose the right products. New or very gently used sell better. Name brands like  Gap,  Coach iPhonePlaystation, etc. And items with original packaging are easier to sell. 
Apple laptop
Apple laptop


Consumer tech from big name brands 
Anything with Apple,  Samsung or  Sony. Recently I sold an iPad mini for $100! That is money in my pocket.  


Gap Kids
Gap Kids


New in package usually sells the best, but gently worn is ok too. Think name brands for clothing:
Vintage dishes
Vintage dishes


Add the word "vintage" to your description for more sales. I have sold: Try visiting your local thrift shops or Goodwill for finds that would sell on Ebay. Also check out yard sales, you never know what you could find! Look for: 

  • Vintage accessories: Gloves, handbags, scarves, belts
  • Brooches, pins
  • Keychains - odd, vintage, music/sports/auto related
  • Small electronics, calculators, cameras - vintage, best if with box and cables
  • Early video games, especially the little handheld ones, best with box/instructions, check if they work w/new batteries
  • Car-related items: keychains, accessories, etc.
  • Charm bracelets, charms, pendants: odd themes, can be sold as is or separately as charms
  • Costume jewelry: doesn't have to be designer, well made, unusual, odd themes
  • Collectible glasses (McDonald's, etc.), the older the better
  • Pens: vintage, older, unusual, again you should know what you're looking for.
  • Linens: aprons, handkerchiefs, curtains, sheets, vintage, unusual, check condition carefully
  • Buttons, fabric, other notions: odd, vintage, collectible
  • Christmas items: ornaments, music, jewelry, decorations, again Condition, Vintage, Unusual.
  • Sports memorabilia - pins, keychains, mugs, odd housewares, etc.
  • Fast Food toys, the older the better (<2000 at least), best if still in packaging
  • Tools/housewares- vintage, odd/unusual, best with box/cords/instructions.


  • Choose the right category for your item-try to be as specific as possible so that potential buyers will be able to find your listing.
  • Write an accurate description-brand name in the title, along with the condition.  Be as specific about the details as possible.  Buyers want to know exactly what they are buying.
  • Take excellent photos-for the best shots, use indirect daylight (not bright sun). You don't need a fancy camera, I use my iPhone and it works great.
  • Make sure your item fits in the box.  I recommend selling items that fit in USPS Flat Rate shipping.
  • Respect the buyers-once your auction is live, be sure to pay attention to any questions.
  • Never ship before payment! This is one of the #1 rules. Most buyers will pay quickly but never ship an item until you have received your payment!  Be sure to send out an invoice and a gentle reminder after a few days. If you don't get resolution, be sure to contact Ebay.
  • Ship your item as soon as possible–as soon as you’ve been paid, make an effort to ship out your item. You can pay for shipping and print your label at home.  If you already have the box then all you have to do is tape it up, put on the pre-paid label, & let your mail carrier pick it up or drop it off at the nearest post office!
  • Give feedback–whether positive or negative, leave feedback on your buyer’s feedback page.  

Lindt Chocolate Panelist Program

Lindt is launching a new Lindt Chocolate Panelist Program, which gives you the opportunity to test out their chocolate! Applications are only open for a limited time, so be sure to apply now if you are interested. If you get selected for a product test, they’ll send you chocolate in exchange for your honest opinion. Good luck! 


EXPIRED-Reynolds $10,000 Job Opp

rack of ribs laid out on foil with box of foil next to it

Go here and apply to be the 2019 Chief Grilling Officer.

This “job” consists of traveling around the USA for two weeks in August in an effort to identify the best BBQ ribs in the country! All your travel and lodging is prepaid! Plus, all your hard work will result in a paycheck of $10,000! And, you can bring a guest!

Along the way, you’ll be required to share tips, grilling techniques and photos on the Reynolds Kitchens website and social channels.

Go here and submit a photo of yourself grilling and a 100-word summary about why you would be the best fit for the position. Applications will be accepted through June 19, 2019 at midnight CT.Good luck!


VIPKID Is Hiring

They’re specifically looking for teachers who love working with kids and are passionate, enthusiastic, and motivated to work with a company growing at a fast pace in China. In fact, they currently employ over 60,000 teachers working in 35 countries and teach over 500,000 students… but they’re still growing and need more teachers!

VIPKID is also a Strategic Partner of TESOL International Association, the largest global association for English language teaching professionals. And they have won numerous awards because of their innovative business model! In fact, did you know that was voted number seven on Fast Company’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in China?