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The Most Cost-Effective Laptops Ideal for Home Business Start-Ups

Do you consider yourself an introvert who doesn’t really enjoy the whole office environment setting, a busy retail space, or even a factory type of workplace? If so, then it makes perfect sense for you to decide to change things up in life and take a new direction with your career. As an introvert, starting your own business from home allows you to have more control over your work environment, and have the peace and quiet you probably crave. You are depending on yourself, not on others, to get your job done, and that can just be a relaxing thought for introverts.

So, as you embark on your new career, one of the first pieces of office equipment you’re likely going to need is a computer. Since you are likely on a tight start-up budget, the following is a look at some of the most cost-effective laptop brands that are perfect for at-home business startups.

Find a Business Idea First

First of all, you will need to decide what kind of home business you would be most suited for. Introverts are often well-suited to working from home and you may already have a great idea for a business. But if you are stuck for ideas, consider this list of business ideas. Businesses such as an e-commerce seller, graphic or web designer, writer, and editor are all listed. Don’t forget laptops allow you to communicate with customers/clients, set up a website, and organize invoices and purchase orders. It will also act as your contact directory, provide data storage, and so forth.


Dell is consistently highly rated among users, whether it is for personal use, studies, or for at-home professionals who need a reliable device. The Inspiron series tends to be a popular and well-received one. Another great thing about Dell is that they are known for their constant promotions and deals. What that means is that if you don’t see the one you like on sale at the moment, just hold tight as there is likely a sale around the corner. They also offer free shipping on all products.


Acer is another brand that is known for offering reliable laptops at competitive prices. You'll find these devices in a variety of retailers, including Amazon where you can take advantage of free shipping if you are a Prime Member. Acer features laptops of various screen sizes, memory, speed, and even has a portable Chromebook style laptop. Keep in mind that Acer may not be quite as powerful as Dell, but it can still be a great option.


Lenovo's IdeaPad has certainly created its own following worth noting, as there are all kinds of different models to choose from. These are excellent for people that need to be able to multi-task. The Lenovo IdeaPad 330 15.6-inch laptop features a 1TB hard drive with an i3 processor, which is pretty darn impressive for a laptop. Lenovo can be found at Walmart, which means it's well worth watching the weekly sales flyers. Don’t forget, Walmart also offers guaranteed price matching.

Great Deals Are Out There

So, as you prepare to launch your at-home business, these reliable and productive laptops can act as the perfect tool at a reasonable price.


90+ Helpful Items To Keep On Hand

  1. Needles
  2. Straight pins
  3. Safety pins
  4. Buttons
  5. Thread
  6. Elastic-material
  7. Dry beans
  8. Rice
  9. Noodles
  10. Flour
  11. Spices such as cinnamon, cloves, allspice, sage, parsley etc.
  12. Coffee
  13. Cooking Oil
  14. Coffee filters
  15. Pepper
  16. Sugar
  17. Salt
  18. Hand crank or manual can openers
  19. Canned food – any type
  20. Wooden, strike anywhere matches
  21. Old newspapers
  22. Wax for fire-starting
  23. Large cotton balls with soaked in petroleum jelly (also for starting fires)
  24. Bleach (or freshly made pool shock)
  25. Baby wipes (Note:  these can be used to clean face, hands, arm pits, groin in case there is no water. If dried out, pour in a cup of water into container)
  26. Cocoa
  27. Baking Soda
  28. Coloring books & crayons
  29. Scrap paper
  30. Pencils
  31. Ballpoint pens
  32. Copy paper
  33. Lined notebook paper
  34. Tooth paste
  35. Toothbrushes
  36. Dental floss
  37. Combs
  38. Hard candy
  39. Hair brushes
  40. Disposable razors
  41. Nail clippers and files
  42. Feminine products
  43. Bars of soap
  44. Toilet paper
  45. Hair pins
  46. Cigarette lighters
  47. Tobacco seeds
  48. Aluminum foil
  49. Plastic sheeting
  50. Socks – all sizes & colors
  51. Shoe laces
  52. Reading glasses
  53. Garbage bags (can’t have too many)
  54. Brooms
  55. Dust pans
  56. Clothes pins
  57. Clothes lines
  58. Garbage cans
  59. Dryer Lint (to use as firestarter)
  60. Rope of any type
  61. Honey
  62. Popcorn
  63. Kool-aid
  64. Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and aspirin
  65. Essential oils
  66. Cough syrup
  67. Eye drops
  68. Band aids
  69. Laxatives
  70. Lip balm or chapstick
  71. Nails, nuts, bolts, & screws
  72. Heirloom garden seeds
  73. Fresh garden produce and herbs
  74. Herb plants
  75. Hand garden tools
  76. Two cycle oil
  77. Automotive oil and air filters
  78. Paperback books
  79. Plastic tarps
  80. Duct tape
  81. Fels naphtha bar soap
  82. Washing/laundry soda
  83. Borax
  84. Oxyclean
  85. Home made laundry detergent
  86. Garden compost
  87. Garden fertilizer
  88. Plastic tubs & containers
  89. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)

10+ Things You Can Get Free at the Library

Read for Free

Libraries are known for books, offering fiction and non-fiction hardbacks, paperbacks, and eBooks. The eBooks can be downloaded into nearly any format to fit your computer, eReader or other device. The downloaded books will expire at the end of their loan period so no returns necessary. Overdrive is one provider of download services to libraries. 

Magazines and Newspapers for Free

Magazine titles from Reader's Digest to Vogue to Hot Rod, including back issues are available for loan. Local newspapers and the Wall Street JournalUSA TodayNew York Times and others are available for reading in the library.

Free Periodical Searches

If you are a high school or college student, you will be required to cite sources, footnote your thesis, or find some obscure fact for a class. If you find you need an article that appeared in Time Magazine on global warming from 2004, the library will have it on a database. The only cost would be for print/copies. Here's a quick look: EBSCO Periodical Search.


Librarian Access 24/7

If you can't find the answers you need, librarians await your question. In New York City, they have Ask NYPL, (your local libraries will have different names for this feature), which gives 24/7 access to an online research librarian.


Internet and Wi-Fi

You can have free internet access and Wi-Fi, all you need is a library card. Be aware that most libraries utilize "censoring" programs for juvenile users, and parental consent may be required to use the Internet.
The average cost of internet service is between $20 and $45 per month as of 2014.


Learn a Foreign Language

If you're traveling abroad on business or vacation, then check out the free foreign language learning databases. Using a service from BYKI, patrons can choose to learn over 70 languages. Their interactive learning site offers individual learning, flash cards, and words of the day.


Job Preparation 

Learning Express enables you to study for hundreds of tests, including civil service, military entrance exams and preparation tests for SAT/ACT, MSAT, LSAT and dozens of others. You will find practice tests at all levels. You can practice, save your test, see your results and try again all for free.


Find Your Family History

For family genealogists, libraries offer free access to search programs such, and These databases usually require you to search in the library, but occasionally some libraries will allow you to search from home after logging in with your library card number. Some libraries also have research librarians and genealogists on staff to assist with your search.


Free Books for Parents

The library is a significant resource to parents. Where else could your children find a free summer program that encourages reading, allows them to take home armloads of books free and usually gives them prizes for encouragement? Throughout many summer programs, authors, wildlife experts and a myriad of others drop by bringing their special knowledge to share.


Free Auto Repair and other Databases

For those who don't like to read for recreation, there are practical free databases in auto and truck repair provided by ARRC, reference databases such a Kelly Blue Book, Antiques Weekly and Standard & Poor.


Other Free Services

Many libraries have a notary on staff (there may be a fee for notary services), offer tax forms, have dedicated internet computers to the IRS and Social Security sites, voter registration forms, test proctoring and fax services, and larger metropolitan libraries offer passport processing.


40 Old-Fashioned Skills Kids Need Today


Why Keeping On Top of Maintenance Will Save You Money 

Owning a house is a privilege that many people work extremely hard to achieve. When this goal becomes a reality, it’s a wonderful feeling to know the roof over your head is entirely yours and will be a place to call home for many years to come. Owning a property does not come without its financial commitments though, there’s the mortgage to pay and monthly utility bills to cover, but at least your hard-earned cash is being spent on an asset that may make you money in the future.


It’s always wise to keep a lump sum of money aside, a rainy day fund for when everything seems to be falling apart. Unexpected maintenance around the house can be costly and can put immense pressure on family finances, sometimes at the worst possible time. Your rainy day fund will help ease this situation but there are other ways to avoid, or at least delay, expensive issues at home. Following regular maintenance schedules and keeping on top of wear and tear will save you more money long term, here are some helpful tips to keep on top of:


Repair Damage As Soon As Possible

It’s never a convenient time when things start to go wrong around the house, a leak will spring up an hour before you’re about to go on holiday and a roof tile will fall down the day before a hectic week of meetings at work. Don’t delay when issues like this occur and have a trusty handyman’s contact number on speed dial who will come and fix the issue quickly if you haven’t got the time to do it yourself. Waiting a few days before repairing the problem can result in a much larger maintenance bill, something which could have been avoided in retrospect.


Household appliances can be easily maintained on the weekend to prevent any problems in the future. Clean the filters on your tumble dryer regularly and always add rinse aid and salt to your dishwasher.


Regularly Inspect All Areas of Your Home

It’s easy to keep on top of wear and tear in the rooms you always use but don’t forget to check for any required maintenance around the entire house every so often. Guttering will need to be cleaned out seasonally and fireplace chimneys will need to be swept and safety checked before winter. Don’t forget to look into your attic space now and again as it’s the perfect place for birds and rodents to set up home. There are plenty of professional services such as rodent proofing in Orange County provided by Attic Projects that can help prevent this from becoming an issue. Not completing these annual checks can result in major damage to your home and will massively eat into your rainy day fund.


Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture Each Year

No doubt you’ve spent a small fortune turning your garden into an idyllic space for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine so don’t forget to weatherproof your furniture and garden fencing when necessary. Ronseal does a great job at protecting wood against the elements which is great if you don’t have room to store outdoor furniture in a garage or outbuilding over winter. 


10 Places to Treat Your Pup to FREE Treats

1.) Starbucks 

Ask the barista for a “Puppuccino” and you’ll receive a free short-sized cup of whipped cream for your pup to enjoy.

2.) Sonic Drive-In

You may get a FREE dog treat, just ask!

3.) Dunkin’ Donuts

Some drive-thrus may keep dog treats handy. 

4.) Sprinkles

Sprinkles offers Pupcakes for just $2.50 each and they’re sugar-free cupcakes topped with yogurt frosting. Some pupcakes are also topped with peanuts, sprinkles or fondant bones.

5.) Dairy Queen 

Ask your cashier for a Pup Cup the next time you’re at Dairy Queen with your dog and you may receive a free small-serving of vanilla soft serve ice cream (select locations).

6.) Shake Shack

Shake Shack offers a doggie bag Bag O’ Bones with 5 ShackBurger Dog Biscuits for around $7.50 OR a Pooch-ini treat that includes 2 dog biscuits in a peanut butter sauce with vanilla custard for under $4.

7.) In-N-Out Burger 

If you have an In-N-Out Burger restaurant nearby, you can order a “Pup Patty” for under $1 that features a plain hamburger patty without any salt added and is served in a doggy bag.

8.) Johnny Rockets

At Johnny Rockets restaurants, you can order a plain hamburger patty (fee applies) and even ask for fresh water for your pup. Plus, at select Johnny Rocket locations, you may even be able to order treats like a lickety split ice cream or pupcake. Dogs are welcome at all locations.

9.) Chick-fil-A

Many Chick-fil-A drive-thrus have a box of Milk-Bone dog treats at the window and will offer them to pup passengers. 

10.) Culver’s

Culver’s locations may offer milk bones to dogs coming through the drive thru. 


Clever Ways to Organize Your Coupons 


This is one method I use, because it's easier than lugging around a big binder. Here is a nice one from Amazon.

This system is the best one for someone who is new at using coupons or even a casual couponer.  There are no labels on the tabs, so you will want to add your own.  Here are some sample categories you may want to consider.

Paper Goods

Add in any additional sections, or remove those that you do not need. The idea is to ensure you can find the coupons you need when you are ready to use them.



Pick up an accordion file and place your weekly inserts into it, grouped by date. This is a popular method because it does not require you to cut out your coupons until you need them.

Add tabs for each month of the year.  Then, clip together multiple inserts from the same date.  Finally, write the date on the cover and file it away!

Then, before you shop, you find the coupon you need and clip it only then and use it.  That way, you save lots of time trying to clip, sort and organize on a weekly basis.




This binder is nice - here are the features!

  • Tall and durable plastic dividers - not cheap paper found in other products.
  • Stretchy elastic sides - fit more coupons and easier coupon searching.
  • Front pocket for your shopping list.
  • Sticker labels use categories from extreme coupon blogs. Blank stickers included for you to create your own categories.

Add baseball card sleeves and divider tabs.  The sleeves are where you will place the coupons once they are clipped.

The coupon binder categories: (Free Printable Dividers Here!)


Canned/Boxed Items
Dairy /Refrigerated

Household (batteries, light bulbs, etc)
Cleaning Products (anything but laundry or dishwashing)
Paper/Plastic (includes disposable dinnerware to toilet tissue)
Hair Care
Oral Care
Soap/Body Wash
Beauty/Feminine Care
Retailer (includes coupons and Catalina’s)