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Awesome Kitchen Decor Trends to Look Forward to in 2019


As the new year is rolling in, everybody is getting indulged in some makeover or the other. Your kitchen needs one, too. You can bid goodbye to the rose gold trend of last year because it is the perfect time to set some new ones. It may seem quite perplexing at first as you do not know where to start from and what designs would go best with your kitchen. Do not panic. Fix the amount of money that you can spend in the renovation because you do not want to spend a lot and then regret later. Here, comes the best part. You need to look for the hot trends which can make your kitchen look amazing. If you have no clue about what’s trending, then keep scrolling through this article because we have curated some awesome kitchen decor trends to look forward to in the new year.


1.     Get back to the roots – Let’s all admit that vintage is a trend which is never going to be out of fashion. The year 2018 was all about using uber cool materials, but this year, we are going to slow down and get back to the basics. Though there will be modern kitchens all around, the materials are going to be raw and showcase our connection to our traditional practices. Imagine how beautiful a vintage piece would look on a honed marble shelf. Plastered walls and use of natural wood are going to be so in.

2.     Add drama to the sinks – Sink is one of the most used parts of any kitchen. But have you ever thought of adding some drama and quirk to the old and boring sinks? Many trends have come and gone and we have seen sinks changing from stainless steel to plain tubs. This year designers are taking the notch a bit higher and have created statement-making sinks which are richer in design, extremely unique and intricate. Embossed patterns, metallic sinks, and colorful ones are going to rule this year.

3.     Go Matte – Matte lipsticks, matte nail paints, and now it’s the time for matte black kitchen appliances. They not look only attractive but are also very easy to maintain and keep clean. It is easier to remove the fingerprints of them and can fit in with other appliances very easily. It’s a minimalistic choice and gives a contrasting texture to the wood panels. The old glossy look appears tacky now and we can say that glossy is glamourous but matte defines class.

4.     Experiment with wall panels – Textured walls are always going to be cool. People are falling more and more in love with plastic stone wall panels these days. They are very affordable and you get them in a lot of variety. If you want to have a bare bold look, then real brick wall panels are great for you. In order to make your kitchen unique, use faux leather wall tiles and 3D gypsum wall panels.

5.     Goodbye, stainless steel – Are you planning to buy something in stainless steel? Just don’t. They are going out of the list in the coming year. Sure, you can get them at great prices right now but you will just help in making your house more outdated. If you are someone who wants to keep up with the world, then go for stuff which is more neutral in colour or just complete opposite of that i.e. wild and crazy colours. The concept of using matching coloured appliances is dead.

6.     Family time on the kitchen benches – Food time is the best family time one can have. To make it more exciting, designers are rooting for the built-in benches in the kitchen. This way your dining area starts serving as a lounge area as well. The feeling is great and you can have it every day without spending a buck. You can create storage spaces under the benches and store blankets, boards games, or other household items. If built-in benches are out of your budget, you can buy the separate bench pieces and place them in the corners of your kitchen.

7.     Herb garden in your kitchen – Certainly, no one likes to use dried herbs in their food. People are now more inclined towards having fresh and green herbs all the time. So, if you are a health conscious person or a food lover, you must be always wanting to have all the herbs handy. Owning an indoor garden is a trend now. It also adds that green element to your house. But make sure that your herbs are in the close proximity of a water source and they get enough sunlight.

8.     Make the colors pop – White definitely looks pretty but it is very impractical to use such a color which is super easy to stain. So, designers have now come up with a trend which is very logical in sense. People are now using different bold colors to break the monochrome scheme which not only looks attractive but are easier to clean as well.

9.     Hello, open shelving – The beautiful crockeries, we buy, often sit hidden behind those closed cabinet doors. But now the time has come when you can proudly keep your favorite pieces of dishware on a display. To break the monotony of the cabinets, you can make open shelves in your kitchen. You can also hang the dishes on a rack which are for everyday use. If you don’t want dust to accumulate on the expensive dishes and yet showcase them, you can use glass to protect them.

10.  Gold is here to rule – Gold is not going anywhere for a long, long time. You will never regret using gold accents in your kitchenware. It gives that rich feeling which cannot be achieved by anything else. It simply has a grand gesture.


If you are bored of seeing your old kitchen and want some refreshment, then incorporate these latest kitchen trends and make your kitchen a hot topic among the ladies and gentlemen of your circle.