Tip: Wedding Day Survival Kit

Create a wedding day survival kit for the bride-to-be. Include items in a special gift bag or basket that she might need the day of the wedding as she is getting ready. Ideas include a can of Static Guard, travel size sewing kit, large pack of safety pins, bobby pins, breath mints, tissues and a disposable camera.


Tip: Yummy Grilled Cheese Trick

I'll have to try this!

If you are out of butter, substitute mayonnaise. Simply spread a thin layer of mayo on the outside of the sandwich and grill the sandwich as usual. It tastes no different than when cooked in butter. You may need to use a small amount of cooking spray to keep the sandwich from sticking.


Tip: Slicing Strawberries

Making a strawberry dessert? Check out this tip-

Here’s a quick and easy way to slice strawberries: Use an egg slicer. The slicer will make consistent slices.


Tip: Organizing Winter Gear

I have found that hanging shoe organizers with pockets can be very helpful to hold winter hats and gloves. I hang one near my side door and everyone knows where to look for their stuff.


Tip: Removing Sticky Labels

To remove pesky sticky labels or stickers, spray with Shout and soak in a solution using the same product. The label should remove easily, then rinse and wash normally.


Tip: Updating Your Closet

When you change your closets over for a new season, put the hangers on the rod backwards. When you
wear an item, turn the hangers the conventional way. At the end of the season you can easily see
what you haven’t worn and decide if they should be donated.


Tip: Cute Thank You Card Idea

Take a photo of your child with their birthday gift and the child who gave the gift. Instead of writing out thank you cards, have your children write their thanks on the back of the picture.


Tip: Saving on Prescriptions

Need to stock up on prescriptions? Check out this tip:

Costco and Sam’s Club offer deeply discounted prices on prescription drugs. Costco was substantially cheaper, selling one of my prescriptions at 25 percent below CVS. And Sam’s Club has a
policy to meet or beat Costco’s prices.