How to Boil Eggs Perfectly

Here's how to make perfect boiled eggs!

Large Pan


  • Place Eggs in a single layer in large pan
  • Cover with water 2″ over the top of the eggs
  • Add 1 Tbsp Salt
  • Slowly bring to a boil uncovered
  • Once boiling turn off heat
  • Cover and let sit for 13 minute exactly
  • Remove from hot water and place in an ice bath for 10 minutes
  • The trick here is the salt, the salt is what makes the shells remove easily. Also if you cook the eggs longer or let them sit longer then it will over cook the eggs.
  • See how the eggs are perfectly yellow, the gray line around the eggs is a sign of overcooking.
  • The ice bath shocks the eggs and stops the cooking process

10 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

1. Pirate Treasure Hunt – Create maps for your children to use on their egg hunt. Place on your map familiar things such as trees, bushes, the swing set etc. Maybe place X’s as to where eggs are hidden and let them follow the map looking for their Easter eggs.

2. Flash Light Egg Hunt- This is a fun hunt especially for older children. Wait until it is dark to go hunting for the eggs and give each child a flashlight to help them in their search for the eggs in the dark. There are also glow in the dark eggs now available at stores to use in this type of hunt.

3. In-Door Hunt - Living in the NW we are never guaranteed a sunny Easter day so many of our egg hunts have been held in our home. There are lots of creative places to hide eggs inside your home. You might even find a egg or two a few months from now.

4. Assigned Color Egg Hunt- Give each child an assigned color to find during the egg hunt. It is best to make sure you have equal amounts of each color. You can even give a prize to the first child that finds all of their assigned colored eggs. Remind them they are to leave the eggs that are not their assigned color so the other children can find their assigned colored eggs.

5. Find a Egg Win a Prize – Place notes inside various eggs revealing what prize a child has won. The prizes can be simple and inexpensive. Be sure every child wins a prize so limit the number of note filled eggs each child can find.

6. Math Hunt - Write numbers on your eggs and tell each child how many eggs they are to each find. Once they have their eggs add up the numbers on the eggs to see who’s total is the highest. The winner can be given a prize.

7. Scavenger Egg Hunt - Create a scavenger hunt list of the different types and colors of eggs they are to find. You will need to supply them with a list and pencil to use during their hunt. Remind them they are to only find what is on their list.

Here is an example of a scavenger egg hunt list

______ 2 Blue eggs
______ 5 Pink eggs
______2 Spider man eggs
______1 Two colored egg
______4 Green eggs

8. Personalized Hunt - Personalize each egg with the Children’s names. Instruct them that during the hunt they are to find the egg with their name on it. You can fill these eggs with items that you know this child will like as well.

9. Find a Number Win a Prize - Place a number on various eggs that the children turn in for prizes. Have your prizes divided up into numbered categories such as #1 wins a piece of candy, #2 wins stickers, #3 wins a chocolate bunny etc.

10. Buried Egg Treasure – Use your child’s sand box or fill a kiddie pool with sand then bury the eggs in the sand. Allow your children to dig and discover their Hidden buried egg treasure.

And here is a really cute printable invite!


Easter Egg Decorating Guide

Find out how to make perfect Easter colors:

DIY Peeps Bunny Cake

  • Two Round Cake Layers (I used 8″ cakes and this basic vanilla cake recipe, but you can use whatever size and recipe you’d like!)
  • Marshmallow Frosting (I made mine with fluff, powdered sugar and butter using this recipe)
  • Sanding Sugar
  • Black Cake Decorating Gel
  • Wax Paper
  • Cooking Spray
  • Sharp Knife
1. Put your cakes in the freezer for about 15 minutes before beginning. Makes them easier to cut! Using the photo as a guide, cut one cake into three pieces as shown. Then cut the very top curved edge off the other cake.
2. To make your life easier, place your cakes on the surface you plan to serve it on before continuing. Set the middle piece of the cake you divided above the other cake as shown. Trim the top corners of it to form a curved line along the top of the cake. Additionally, trim the top of the remaining two cake pieces so they are rounded and remove the bottom point of each as well. These form the ears!

3. Use vanilla frosting.
4. Place the ears above the peep shape you’ve created and frost the entire cake.
5. After frosting, sprinkle sanding sugar all over the cake. I found a great trick online for getting the sugar on the side of the cake. Spray a small piece (about the height of your cake) of wax paper with cooking spray. Sprinkle the sanding sugar over top the cooking spray and lightly press onto the sides of your cake. The sugar will transfer but the paper won’t stick! 
6. Use your decorating gel to pipe eyes and a nose and you’re done!
Source: Studio DIY

50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

1. Coloring books 
2. Crayons
3. Bath crayons
4. Bath toys
5. Dolls
6. Sidewalk Chalk
7. Bubbles
8. Fun kids’ character toothbrush
9. Dr. Seuss books
10. Finger puppets
11. Sunglasses
12. Slinky
13. Stuffed animal
14. Water color paints and brushes
15. Painting smock

16. Books – Try Charlotte’s Web, Little House in the Big Woods

17. DVD — VeggieTales: Twas the Night Before Easter
18. Art supplies (colored pencils, crayons, markers, water colors, sketch pad)
19. Sticker books
20. Stamps and ink pads
21. A Children’s Bible 
22. Bubble bath
23. Cute towel set (find favorite colors or favorite characters)
24. Baby Doll
25. Bead set

26. Jump Rope
27. Rub and Trace Fashion Plate sets
28. Glue Stick
29. Construction Paper
30. Scissors
31. Fun toothbrush and toothpaste
32. Jigsaw puzzle
33. Silly Bands
34. Ponytail holders
35. Colorful, sparkly nail polish
36. Yo yo
37. Flashlight
38. PEZ character dispenser/candy
39. Fashion doll
40. Horse playsets

41. First nice piece of jewelry – cross necklace or a ring
42. Calligraphy set
43. Bathing suit
44. Flip flops
45. Character beach towel
46. Classic Archie Comic books
47. American Girl books
48. American Girl doll
49. Lip gloss
50. Small dry erase board and markers