Easter Clearance- March 28, 2005

Be sure to check out Target for Easter clearance. It went 50% off today and will be 75% off later in the week! I was there today and they had condensed four rows of Easter stuff into two. There was a lot of chocolate, baskets left, not many decorations. And to save more, be sure to combine candy coupons with the sales!

Tip for you: There are hidden deals around the store. Some places to look:

-Girls pj's / skorts/tees
-Infant outfits
-Ghiradelli (regular candy section)
-mini magnadoodles
-crayola tubs tints (blue lids)
-Wilton cake decorating endcap, located near the kitchen pans and accessories, those items are also 50% off. This includes cookie cutters, sprinkles, goodie bags, cake pans and much more.
-Holiday flags, Easter/spring theme, were 50% off

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