Ikea Spring Break Event


Come join us at IKEA for activities to celebrate the start of Spring! We will be hosting several FAMILY member only activities, two per day, in our Restaurant. Activities are limited to 20 kids (12 and under) and RSVPs are encouraged to hold your spot.

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Little Artists – Spin Art
Monday, April 1st | 10AM – 11AM & 1PM – 2PM | Located in the IKEA Restaurant
Being an artist is very much about thinking differently and do the unexpected. Using TOKIG salad spinner and Mala paint create a piece of abstract art.

Little Artists – Painted Picture Frame
Tuesday, April 2nd | 10AM – 11AM & 1PM – 2PM | Located in the IKEA Restaurant
Being an artist is very much about thinking differently and do the unexpected. Create a piece of art and frame it in a uniquely designed FISKBO frame painted by you. 

Little Artists – GURLI Cushion Decorating
Wednesday, April 3rd | 10AM - 11AM & 1PM – 2PM | Located in the IKEA Restaurant
Being an artist is very much about thinking differently and do the unexpected. Join us for GURLI Cushion Decorating to bring out the creativity in your Little Artists.

Little Artists – Succulent Make & Take 
Thursday, April 4th | 10AM - 11AM & 1PM – 2PM | Located in the IKEA Restaurant
In this Make & Take craft workshop, we’ll bring out your inner artists by having you decorate your own plant pot and repot it with a succulent plant! Succulents are great, low maintenance plants that will perk up your home in no time! 

Little Artists – Make your own Paskris
Friday, April 5th | 10AM - 11AM & 1PM – 2PM | Located in the IKEA Restaurant
Paskris, Swedish for twig, is a Swedish Easter tradition. Branches, typically birch, are decorated with brightly colored feathers, and sometimes an egg. No two Paskris will look alike!

While in store make sure to scan your FAMILY card at any KIOSK or at the cash lanes to be entered in a daily drawing for a $50 IKEA Gift Card. 

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Famous Dave's: Free Burger or Sandwich

Features and benefits include:

  • A FREE sandwich or burger just for signing up
  • A saucesome gift for your birthday
  • Earn “Bones” to get discounts on future visits
  • Effortlessly order from your phone so your ‘Q is waiting for you
  • Find your nearest Dave’s and receive offers and info

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Valentine Conversation Heart Donuts- Krispy Kreme

Starting January 30th and through February 14th, head in to your local Krispy Kreme where you can score these fun Valentine Conversation Hearts Doughnuts!

These doughnuts will be topped with more than a dozen new and traditional edible phrases including “DM ME,” “ALL THE FEELS,” and “BE MINE” and they’ll feature four Krispy Kreme classic fillings including Cake Batter, Strawberries & KREME, Raspberry Filled and Chocolate KREME Filled.


Bartering: A Fun Way to Save Money

Learn how to barter anything and save money from Real Simple.


10+ Tips to Prepare for Bad Weather

Power outages and bad weather can be unexpected and disruptive. Here are some ways to prep ahead of time.

1.  Flashlights and a lantern are your friends during an outage. During the last outage, we were lucky we had that, but we also had to use our cell phones for light. Before the next outage, I am going to make sure we have more flashlights and batteries. We try not to use candles, as it's a fire hazard with our 2 cats running around.

2.  If your heat is electric, think ahead to how you'll keep warm in a cold climate.Portable heater? Fireplace? Blankets work, until it's 40 degrees in your home.

3. Stock up on water and food. Food should be ready to eat in a can, that doesn't require heating. This assortment of camping foods is a good idea too. And you can buy ready made kits on Amazon. They have a good selection.

4. Speaking of food, food in the fridge lasts 6 hours, the freezer a little longer. Keep the fridge closed during the outage and your food may last a little longer. 

5. Cell phone. Our cordless phone went completely dead in the outage and I couldn't find the corded phone. Luckily, Walt had a battery powered cell phone charger like this one , which was a lifesaver.

6. Cash. It's good to have cash on hand for emergencies, in cash you need to go to the store and their credit card machines aren't working. This was actually happened a few times to me.

7. Full gas tank. This is one thing I try and have all winter long but the last few days I didn't have even a 1/4 tank of gasoline. In an emergency, everyone heads to the gas stations and as you may have seen on the news in the past, it can be total chaos.

8. Games and books for the little ones. Uncharged iPads and computers are useless in an outage. If you know bad weather is heading your way, charge up your electronics ahead of time. And have a stash of games and books just in case.

9. A FREE Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial  for FREE Kindle books, movies and more to keep the cabin fever blues away!

10. When it's time to dig out, don't hurt yourself doing so. During cold weather, blood vessels constrict, causing the incidence of heart attacks  to go up, especially in  those with high blood pressure. Take it easy shoveling or best, use a snow blower. If you don't have a snow blower, pay a neighbor to clear out your driveway.

11. Extra medication. We always have extra over the counter medications, like Tylenol, Pepcid, Excedrin, etc. Also a good idea to have extra prescription medication on hand, especially emergency medications like asthma inhalers and blood pressure medication.

Here are more supplies to have on hand:

  • Three-day supply of non-perishable food.
  • Toilet paper
  • Three-day supply of water - one gallon of water per person, per day.
  • Portable, battery-powered radio or television and extra batteries.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries.
  • First aid kit and manual.
  • Sanitation and hygiene items (moist towelettes and toilet paper).
  • Matches and waterproof container.
  • Whistle.
  • Extra clothing.
  • Kitchen accessories and cooking utensils, including a can opener.
  • Photocopies of credit and identification cards.
  • Cash and coins.
  • Special needs items, such as prescription medications, eye glasses, contact lens solutions, and hearing aid batteries.
  • Items for infants, such as formula, diapers, bottles, and pacifiers.
  • Other items to meet your unique family needs.

Last Minute Holiday Twitter Party #SDCLastMinute 

Join us on Thursday, December 6th at 10AM PT/1PM ET for our #SDCLastMinute Twitter party! We’ll be talking all about holiday shopping! There’ll be $700 in gift card prizes up for grabs, so be sure to RSVP to be eligible to win!

Hosts:  @DonnaChaffins@couponwithcents@abetterlifeblog





Netflix Secret Codes For Kids

To use this trick, you'll need to be logged into your Netflix account on your PC, rather than your Smart TV or hand-held device. As you browse, you'll notice the URL at the top will look something like this: www.netflix.com/browse/genre/7852.

That little number at the end is the genre code, and you can pull up a lot of different genres just by changing it.


Unicorn Popcorn



Inspired by myth and magically irresistible, Unicorn is popping with fruity flavor and enchanting taste buds of all ages, Unicorn Popcorn debuts online Thursday, October 4, 2018 and is available in Popcornopolis’ iconic regular-size and mini cones. To be one of the first to purchase Unicorn Popcorn, visit popcornopolis.com.

Especially fun for Halloween trick-or-treaters or festive celebrations, Popcornopolis’ iconic cone has been transformed for Unicorn Popcorn into a charming tribute to the unicorn’s magical horn wrapped in a special rainbow-and-ribbon-theme. Unicorn Popcorn is available in regular size cones, as part of the popular Create-Your-Own assortment, and available in a case of 40 mini cones. Six iconic cones of the latest mythical recipe are $50.46 and one case of 40 minis is $84.99.