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Leap Frog Has Created an "iPad" for Kids  

I think this is going to be one of the hot holiday toys for this year!

The LeapPad is a $100 learning tablet for kids that can play apps (games, ebooks, videos and flashcards) downloadable from the LeapFrog store. The LeapPad also supports more robust learning games called Learning Game Cartridges which plug into the top of the device. But the showpiece for this new tablet is a new type of digital book called LeapPad Ultra eBooks.

The Times reports this new LeapPad comes with a 5-inch touch screen, still and video camera, microphone, 2GB of memory and a $100 price tag. It enables kids ages 4 to 9 to create their own stories and personalize them with photos of themselves and their friends. LeapFrog execs promise to add more bells and whistles over time.

Source: Read more about this from Jinny Gudmundsen.

Source: Tom Henderson