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Scarlett Johansson: New Sodastream Ambassador

Sodastream invited me to watch the announcement of their new celebrity ambassador. And who is it?? Scarlett Johansson!

The actress has teamed up with the company to become the first ever brand ambassador and she’ll also be the star of the much anticipated SodaStream Super Bowl advertisement, Sunday, February 2, 2014. 

SodaStream lets you make carbonated drinks at home and comes in lots of delicious flavors

And you can watch the Super Bowl commerical here!



20 Printable Calendars from

Here are 20 really nice printable 2014 calendars from



52 Meticulous Organizing Tips

Here are 52 clever organizing tips, from



75 Fun Family Holiday Traditions

Here are 75 fun holiday tradition ideas!
  1. Have a cookie exchange
  2. Make gingerbread houses
  3. Watch a Christmas movie as a family
  4. Memorize and recite the Christmas story from Luke 2
  5. Drive around looking at Christmas lights
  6. Make baked goods for your neighbors
  7. Visit a nursing home and sing Christmas carols
  8. Have a kids Christmas party
  9. Decorate your house together (inside and out)
  10. Read a classic Christmas story like “A Christmas Carol”
  11. Give a secret gift to someone in need
  12. Make a special meal together
  13. Go to a candlelight service on Christmas Eve
  14. Cook up the same old family recipe ever Christmas Eve
  15. Christmas caroling for shut-ins from your Church or community
  16. Plan a cookie baking party
  17. Go to a farm and cut your own Christmas tree
  18. Decorate your tree while drinking eggnog and eating a special snack
  19. Buy a new ornament for each child relating to a life event that year
  20. Make a family keepsake craft or project
  21. Allow the children to arrange the family Nativity scene
  22. By an Advent devotional book to read throughout the season
  23. Write a Christmas letter with family news from the year
  24. Read the Christmas story… and the resurrection story
  25. Participate in Operation Christmas Child
  26. Contribute to the Knit Together In Love scarf project
  27. Deliver cookies and treats to emergency service men and women
  28. Give your pastor(s) a thank you and Christmas gift
  29. Sing in a church or community Christmas choir
  30. Open one gift on Christmas Eve
  31. Buy or make new Pjs for Christmas morning
  32. Have a special Christmas brunch
  33. Skype loved ones who live far away
  34. Decorate your tree the weekend after Thanksgiving
  35. Choose an old Christmas recording (Bing Crosby, etc.) to start the season with
  36. Play Christmas music in the house all season long
  37. Listen to a Christmas radio station in the car
  38. Do a Christmas countdown calendar
  39. Take family photos
  40. Video Christmas morning
  41. Watch old home videos
  42. Have a race to see who can get their Christmas shopping done first
  43. Read about Christmas traditions in other countries
  44. Find and read a book of Christmas legends
  45. Let children circle gift ideas in store catalogs
  46. Make and share a yearly Christmas list
  47. Let kids draw names to decide who to buy a gift for
  48. Give children “jobs” around the house to earn money to buy gifts
  49. Sponsor a Child or special project from Allow the Children
  50. Buy each child a fun new pare of sock or slippers for Christmas morning
  51. Make ornaments for the tree
  52. String a garland out of popcorn and cranberries
  53. Make your own Christmas cards as a family
  54. Make gift baskets with goodies for friends and family
  55. Let the young kids do their Christmas shopping at the Dollar Store
  56. Donate clothes or food to a shelter
  57. Hide a gift or make a scavenger hunt for the kids on Christmas Eve
  58. Host a wrapping party
  59. Go see a live nativity
  60. Go to a Christmas play or concert
  61. Have kids act out the Christmas story
  62. Have a game night with hot chocolate and cookies
  63. Invite someone without family to Christmas dinner
  64. Tell stories or have grandparents tell stories about past Christmases as a child
  65. Campout in the family room with sleeping bags after you’ve decorated the tree
  66. Memorize a Christmas poem or write your own
  67. Construct a manger out of wood and place it under the tree
  68. Make birthday card for Jesus
  69. Make a birthday cake for Jesus
  70. Have a birthday party for Jesus with the neighborhood kids
  71. Look at old Christmas photo albums
  72. Make Christmas treats for pets, wrap and place under the tree
  73. Buy a mini tree at the dollar store for each child’s bedroom
  74. Decorate a tree or house for an elderly person (after Christmas go back and help put the decorations away)
  75. Secretly give gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas to a neighbor

Source: The Better Mom


6 Ways To Make Hot Chocolate Awesome

Here is how to make hot chocolate awesome!

1. Toasted marshmallow cream: Marshmallows that aren’t toasted are sooo [insert any year previous to this one]! Fire those suckers up and make it creamy before you add’em atop your hot cocoa and you’ll be good, with this recipe.

2. Mini gingerbread house: In case you’re the kind of person who scoffs at unadorned mugs, go past those everyday sugar cubes and perch a tiny house on your next hot cocoa. You know, if you’ve got time for such twee craftiness. Click here for instructions you will definitely need, unless you’re some kind of baking/architecture genius.

3. Nutella: Well OF COURSE. Why didn’t we think of adding more chocolate to chocolate that is warm? Here’s how to do it.

4. Candy canes: Got a dollar or two for a box of candy canes? Then you’ve got ingredients for some pepperminty hot whoa!-coa. Well those and also you’ll need peppermint extract per this recipe, but the canes are essential for decoration and eating purposes.

5. Cookies ‘n cream: Okay now we’re just tossing tasty things into the mug, right? Yes, andhere’s exactly how to do it. This trend is totally fine with me because hey, hot whoa!-coa! Just trying to get my quota of bad puns in.

6. S’mores: This is like taking all the coziness of a fireside snack and combining it with another cozy fireside snack. The recipe is basically the ultimate in wintry snuggly snackiness and it’s only right that it exists in this world.

Image credit:


39 Dishes from the First Christmas Menu, Published in 1660  

Here's what's for dinner, 1600's style! 
1. A collar of brawn [pork that is rolled, tied, and boiled in wine and seasonings].
2. Stewed Broth of Mutton marrow bones.
3. A grand Sallet [salad].
4. A pottage [thick stew] of caponets [young castrated roosters].
5. A breast of veal in stoffado [stuffed veal].
6. A boil’d partridge.
7. A chine (a cut of meat containing backbone) of beef, or surloin roast.



11 Charitable Ways To Help Others

I am always looking for new ways to help others. Here are some unique ways, some I've never heard of! From



'Dear Santa': Adorable Christmas Requests from Kids, 1900s–Now

I thought this was so interesting!
A preserved 1915 letter to Santa Claus went viral this week because of its touching modesty: A box of paint, a school bag, and a bit of candy were the only requests on the list. And it got us wondering: How have Santa letters changed over the decades?