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London Party Ideas

Whether you are from across the pond, love the British culture or Downton Abbey, here are bunch of fun London party ideas.



25 Hello Kitty Foods That Are Almost Too Adorable To Eat

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Hello Kitty. I collect Hello Kitty stuff. Just recently I bought a Hello Kitty scrapbook kit @ Target. So when I saw this article, I knew I had to share it with you!



Dear Kitten Video from Friskies- So Cute!

This is really, really cute a must watch-



52 Meticulous Organizing Tips

Here are 52 clever organizing tips, from



50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget


Remember Mr. Sketch markers? And Oregon Trail? This article brought back so many fun memories for me--see the list here from


21 Surprising Things You Can Mail

Here are 21 things you can surprisingly mail!! Very cool idea for sending unique gifts to far away family and friends. Most of my family lives in other states, so this gave me a lot of new ideas for gifts!



15 Things You Didn't Know Your IPhone Could Do

I am always learning new things that my iPhone can do. Here are 15 tricks you may not know about! From



New Cool App: Recifoto- Save and Share Vintage Recipes

Have any old recipes from grandma? There is a really cool new app I had to share with you! Have you heard of Recifoto?

This free new app is like Instagram for recipes. Users snap photos of physical recipes, then upload them to an eternally scrolling feed.

Much like Instagram, you can “follow” folks whose taste you trust--and hashtag, “like” and comment on their posts accordingly. Unlike Instagram, you can also save your favorites within the app itself, meaning next time you want to make that avocado soup you saw in your feed, you don’t have to dig around searching for it.

So cool! Download here.