Cheesecake Factory: 1/2 Price Cheesecake July 30, 2019

The Cheesecake Factory® is celebrating its favorite holiday of the year – National Cheesecake Day – by offering dine-in guests any slice of its more than 30 legendary flavors of cheesecake for half price on Tuesday, July 30, 2019.* The Cheesecake Factory will also introduce its newest flavor on National Cheesecake Day – Pineapple Upside-Down Cheesecake.

Free National Ice Cream Day July 21, 2019

The deal: Sign up for BR's app for the first time and you'll get served a free regular-sized scoop for joining.
When: Ongoing

The deal: It's BOGO time. Grab a BOGO cup or cone of soft serve in honor of National Ice Cream Day. 
When: July 21

Edible Arrangements
The deal: You won't have to buy anything to get a taste of Edible's new Frozen Strawberry-Lemonade. Stop by any of its locations for a freebie. 
When: July 8

The deal: Buy a scoop, get a scoop for free at participating locations.
When: July 21-22

The deal: On National Ice Cream Day, you can get BOGO treats from Yogurtland, including its new dairy-free Key Lime Pie flavor and the Cookies & Créme Light Ice Cream with Oreo wafers. 
When: July 21, 1-6pm

Humphry Slocombe
The deal: The ice cream shop and Square are serving up free scoops of a new sundae-inspired flavor with a strawberry and roasted banana base, topped off with salted dark chocolate cookie crumbles. The free scoop is only available one hour before each shop opens.
When: July 14

The deal: The convenience store delivery app is offering a free pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream with any purchase of at least $20. The service has a flat delivery fee of $1.95.
When: Noon on July 21 through noon on July 22

Nékter Juice Bar
The deal: Use Nékter's app to get BOGO orders of Skoop, the shop's vegan and dairy-free ice cream alternative. 
When: July 21

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream
The deal: My/Mo is teaming up with UNIQLO to serve free mochi ice cream at UNIQLO locations across the country. The freebies will be dished out at locations in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.
When: July 21

The deal: Boutique and cafe locations will be offering a buy-one-get-one 50% off deal on all soft serve ice cream and parfait orders. 
When: July 21

PetSmart PetsHotel
The deal: Stop into a PetSmart PetsHotel location to get some free ice cream for your pooch. You'll get a free, dog-friendly ice cream with a dog biscuit on top.
When: July 20-21

Hwy 55
The deal: You'll be set up with a free milkshake when you download the My Hwy 55 app. 
When: Ongoing

Cold Stone Creamery
The deal: Sign up for My Cold Stone Club Rewards to get a coupon for a BOGO Creation. 
When: Ongoing

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse
The deal: Get a free Pizookie (a deep-dish-inspired cookie) when you sign up for the restaurant's Premier Rewards Plus program.
When: Ongoing

Nutella Cafe
The deal: Locations in New York and Chicago will give the first 50 customers a free Frozen Nutella Pop. Everyone after the first 50 will get a complimentary scoop of gelato. 
When: July 21


Marshmallow Moon Oreo Cookies


Shelf in Walmart of Oreo Marshmallow moon packages

July 20th marks the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong taking his first step on the moon and Nabisco is celebrating by releasing new and limited edition Marshmallow Moon OREO Cookies!


Build a Bear Pay Your Age Promotion

The Build-A-Bear Pay Your Age deal is back, but this year, you’ll have to enter to win a ticket to participate! Through June 16th, simply register or log into your Bonus Club account for the chance to win a Pay Your Age Ticket! Once you’re logged in, just complete the new Birthday Profile and you’ll be entered.

To avoid the mess that occurred the last Pay Your Age event, they’ll only giveaway 200,000 members the opportunity to score this deal. If you win, you’ll be able to redeem the ticket from June 24th through June 28th. There’s a limit of two bears per ticket. Good luck!


Book Review: Lisa Jackson Paranoid

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson comes a new novel of nerve-jangling suspense as a woman haunted by guilt realizes that nothing can be trusted—not even her own memory …
There are people in Edgewater, Oregon, who think that twenty years ago, Rachel Gaston got away with murder.
Rachel still has no idea how a foolish teenaged game turned deadly—or who replaced her soft pellet air gun with a real weapon. When a figure leapt out at her from the darkness, she fired without thinking. Too late, she recognized her half-brother, Luke, and saw blood blooming around his chest.
Despite counseling, Rachel’s horrifying dreams about that night continue. Her anxiety contributed to her divorce from Detective Cade Ryder, though he blames himself too. But as Rachel’s high school reunion nears, she feels her imagination playing tricks, convincing her that objects in her house have moved. That there’s a hint of unfamiliar cologne in the air. That someone is tailing her car. Watching her home.
She’s right to be scared. And as connections surface between a new string of murders and Luke’s death, Rachel realizes there’s no escaping the past, and the truth may be darker than her worst fears …


DIY Meds Travel Kit

Great idea for traveling! Pick up small packs of meds at Target or Walmart travel section.
  • meds container
  • Advil
  • Tylenol
  • Pepcid
  • Excedrin
  • Motrin
  • Zantac
  • Imodium
  • Claritin
  • Benadryl

Also good to have on hand:

  1. Band-aids
  2. Antibiotic ointment
  3. Sunblock
  4. Insect spray 
  5. Thermometer
  6. Instant ice pack
  7. Pepto
  8. First aid kit
  9. Throat losenges
  10. Cold medicine
  11. Q-Tips
  12. Nail clippers
  13. Hydrogen Peroxide
  14. An ace bandage
  15. Cotton balls
  16. Small pair scissors
  17. Small pair of tweezers



Reese Witherspoon Book Club Picks


Walmart Beauty Box Deals

Head on over to Walmart.com and grab a seasonal Beauty Box for just $5 shipped.

Each season, a different Beauty Box is sent out and includes a selection of sample beauty products and tips on how to use the products – all for just $5 shipped. The samples will vary based on your answers to questions in your beauty profile such as ethnicity, skin type & more.

Beauty Boxes are a fun way to try out new products for a reasonable cost.

The final products in your Walmart Beauty Box will vary from what is displayed.

Score this Limited Edition Men’s Grooming Box for just $7 shipped. Please note that you must be signed into or create a new Walmart Beauty account in order to purchase this box. This box is a one-time purchase and is not a subscription.