Williams-Sonoma Mini Pie Maker



With cool weather (almost) here, pie is on my mind! In Williams-Sonoma recent newsletter, they  featured their new Breville Pie Maker. You can create up to four individual-sized pies full of your favorite fillings with this simple-to-operate pie maker. Whether its savory meat pies, vegetable pies, quiches or sweet fruit pies or tarts, most pies take just 8 minutes to cook. See more info here.

This is on my wish list now!


Leap Frog Has Created an "iPad" for Kids  

I think this is going to be one of the hot holiday toys for this year!

The LeapPad is a $100 learning tablet for kids that can play apps (games, ebooks, videos and flashcards) downloadable from the LeapFrog store. The LeapPad also supports more robust learning games called Learning Game Cartridges which plug into the top of the device. But the showpiece for this new tablet is a new type of digital book called LeapPad Ultra eBooks.

The Times reports this new LeapPad comes with a 5-inch touch screen, still and video camera, microphone, 2GB of memory and a $100 price tag. It enables kids ages 4 to 9 to create their own stories and personalize them with photos of themselves and their friends. LeapFrog execs promise to add more bells and whistles over time.

Source: Read more about this from Jinny Gudmundsen.

Source: Tom Henderson


Whole Foods Wellness Clubs

Love to shop at Whole Foods? It might be a little different in the future! They are launching  membership-only Wellness Clubs in a handful of stores, including the first one in Dedham, Mass., which opened last week.

For a one-time fee of $199 and monthly membership dues of $45, shoppers can get lifestyle evaluations and access to classes in nutrition, cooking and health, along with 10% discounts on 1,000 better-for-you foods sold in Whole Foods.

Would you pay for the Wellness Club?



Create Your Own Coca Cola Drink  


Coca-Cola has a new Facebook app that lets you mix your own Coke drink. After you create your drink online, you will be able to taste test your creation at Coke vending machines!

The Coca-Cola Freestyle app lets you mix a drink using 125 Coke beverages, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and Powerade. After choosing each, you hold down a “push” button to fill a cup of your choosing. When you fill your cup, you can name it.

The Facebook Page also directs you to Freestyle vending machines in your area. Right now,  there are  about 1,500 machines in restaurants like Wendy’s, Burger King and Five Guys, but Coke plans more in the future.

Thanks Mashable for this info!



Hot New Apps (As Seen on The View)

I saw this segment on The View and had to share with you all. These are very cool!


MobileTag is a free QR code -- or "quick response code" -- scanner that instantly displays the information in all those crazy black and white codes you keep seeing everywhere from bus stops to coffee cups.

Word Lens

Word Lens is an amazing app that scans words and instantly translates them to whatever language you select -- instantly! A must for travel, there is a free version of this app, but there is also a more robust, pay option for $9.99.


Ever want to challenge a retailer to back up their claims to match their competitors' prices? RedLaser scans the ordinary bar code on any product and shows you all the prices of that product in your area. Take it to those big-box stores and show 'em who's boss!


In addition to Yelp's crowd-sourced restaurant and business reviews, the app version of the service also instantly updates walking directions and business mapping when you hold it up and aim it any direction. Think there might be a great pizza place hidden around the block? Just point your phone in that direction and have the Yelp app do the walking for you.


For $5.99, every time you hear a song you like while you're out and about, Shazam will scan it and tell you who sings it and where you can buy it.

GoSkyWatch Planetarium

Want to see the stars above you but thwarted by pesky daylight hours, bright city lights or the pitfalls of being indoors? For $3.99 you can aim your phone to the sky and see all the constellations above your exact location -- no clear skies or outdoor locations required!


Toygaroo: Netflix For Toys


Have you heard of Toygaroo? It is the new "Netflix for toys".

Here's basically how it works:

Toygaroo calls itself the “Netflix for toys” because it works in a very similar way. You sign up for a plan that best suits your needs – they offer 4, 6 and 8 toy packages per month – and then add toys to your ‘pouch.’ Pricing for the basic package starts at $24.99 (four toys delivered every other month), which is a great deal considering you don’t pay for shipping or returns. Similar to the Netflix queue, your toys are then shipped to you from pouch and are yours to keep for as long as your kids want to play with them. Using the return label included with each order, you simply send the toys back and then await your next shipment.

Read more here, very cool concept!


Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Williams-Sonoma just sent me an email featuring these Zoku pop makers, so cute! Perfect for making fun summertime treats.

From their web site:

"Frozen treats and funny faces are twice the fun. Our new
Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker freezes two customized ice pops in
minutes. Create fruit pops, layered pops and cream-filled pops, and add crazy expressions with our new Character Tool Kit."


Burger King Twilight Promotion

Burger King has a new promotion for Twilight fans! Order a meal and get a chance to win a Vespa LX50, $10,000 cash, Burger King gift cards and lots of food prizes! I won a 3 pc. French Toast sticks. You can also check out the rules on the site to find out how to mail in for free game pieces.

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