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Starbucks Protein Boxes


A Must Have Spring Cleaning Planner

Spring Cleaning Planner

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Our Spring Cleaning Planner is the perfect resource to help you get your house in ship-shape this spring. For a limited time, we are offering it for free at Living Well Spending Less®--just our little way of saying Happy Spring!

Get yours here:


Trend Alert: Pineapple and Watermelon Papers



LEGO tape, where was this when my son was younger? This is so cool! Get ithere.



Trend Alert: Disney Le Creuset Cookware

So pretty, love this!

The limited edition blue-enameled cast iron soup pot is decorated with the signature BEAUTY AND THE BEAST rose with an oversized gold knob bearing the inscription, “Be Our Guest.” Starting today the limited quantity of five hundred pots is available for purchase at and Le Creuset Signature Stores. 

On Saturday, March 4th, Williams Sonoma stores across the country will host the Beauty and the Beast Junior Chef Cooking Class with movie-inspired kid friendly recipes created in collaboration with Le Creuset. To find out more details contact your local Williams Sonoma store or visit:  


My Coke Rewards Program Ending July 1

My Coke Rewards Dates

March 22nd will be the last day to enter codes for points and you’ll be able to spend your points in the My Coke Rewards catalog through June 30th. After June 30th, all unused My Coke Rewards points will be donated to charity.

They will be introducing a new program on July 1st promising more ways to participate and to get rewarded. Click here for more information about these changes.


Trend Alert: Amazon Go


Here’s how it works. You enter a store using Amazon’s propriety technology and flash your personal QR code to a reader. Then, you just pick up what you want and walk out. No dealing with infuriating self-checkout machines or cashiers. The money is automatically taken from a nominated credit or debit card. It’s the ultimate in grab-and-go retail convenience.

Amazon Go is powered by a combination of computer vision, sensors and machine learning, packaged up into something the company calls “Just Walk Out technology.”

This means that it can determine whenever you pick something up and put it into your cart. It can also tell when you put something back.

Right now, Amazon Go is currently being trialled in a brand new, 1,800 square-foot supermarket in Downtown Seattle, found on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Blanchard Street. It’s currently only open to Amazon employees involved in the trial, but the company expects to open it to the public by 2017.

Amazon says that the supermarket will sell ready-to-eat meals and snacks prepared by on-site chefs or local bakeries. It will also sell essentials like bread and milk, as well as well-known brands, and high-end cheese and chocolate.

Also on offer will be special culinary kits created by Amazon, which will allow you to create an impressive meal for two in just thirty minutes.



Trend Alert: Beauty and The Beast Trailer


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