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College Care Kit Ideas


Are you putting together a care package? I have a lot of great ideas to share with you today.


First, in the kit shown above, this is the health/beauty kit. It includes Crest, Secret, Pantene and more, all packaged in a carry tote, which all students need! You'll want to customize your health/beauty kit to your student's favorite products.


And here is the second kit I made, which features dorm and school supplies, packaged in a laundry basket, another college student must-have! It includes reusable tumblers, sheet set, school supplies like pencils, pens, paper, and much more.



Your homemade cookies or the bakery, a care package isn't complete without a sweet treat. Pack items tightly in a plastic container (fill in extra space with clean paper towels) and then wrap with bubble wrap. Boxed.com is also great for sending must-have snacks and more.



Pack up fun Silly Putty, a Slinky, water guns, or cards, and they'll be showing the whole dorm their loot.



Is a must-have for busy college students! Click below to get a FREE membership!


Send gift cards to stores and restaurants in a care package or email. Choose big-box retailers like Target or Walmart, coffee or sandwich chains like Starbucks, Subway, and Panera, and local establishments like the college bookstore.



Consider snacks, like granola bars, microwave popcorn, and hot chocolate mixes, as well as more substantial mini-meals—such as instant oatmeal and soup—for rushed mornings and missed dining hall dinners. Mints and gum are always welcome in a care package too. Boxed.com is also great for sending must-have snacks and more.


Festive accessories are surprisingly welcome and uplifting for a kid away from home for the first time; this care package idea is also nice to send in anticipation of your kid coming home for the holidays. Keep items small, like a desktop Christmas tree, a mini-menorah, and Easter baskets or Halloween pumpkins filled with candy. Seasonally themed lights, like orange for Halloween or green for St. Patrick's Day, are also fun.



Make a mini first-aid care package by filling a tin with: 

Items include: 

  1. Band-aids
  2. Antibiotic ointment
  3. Advil
  4. Gas X {dorm food makes this one essential}
  5. Benadryl
  6. Milk of magnesia
  7. Thermometer
  8. Instant ice pack
  9. Pepto
  10. Throat losenges
  11. Cold medicine
  12. Q-Tips
  13. Nail clippers
  14. Hydrogen Peroxide
  15. An ace bandage
  16. Cotton balls
  17. Small pair scissors
  18. Small pair of tweezers



Dorms need to be clean. Pack some multi-surface spray, paper towels, dusting cloths, and electronics cleaner, and throw in a bottle of air freshener for good measure. 

Plus, here are more ideas!

  • Hometown newspaper

  • Gift Cards- Free $10 gift card, your choice!

  • Magazines

  • Holiday decorations

  • Quarters for laundromats, bus fare, and vending machines

  • Instant oatmeal, granola bars, dried fruit

  • Vitamins

  • Razors

  • Body lotion

  • Toothpaste

  • Dental floss

  • Anti-bacterial wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Facial tissues

  • Mac n Cheese

  • Scotch tape and scissors

  • Over-the-counter cold medicine and pain reliever

  • Recipes for favorite dishes

  • Band-aids

  • Ointment

  • Extra cell phone charger

  • Soap

  • Ramen noodles

  • Gum

  • Vinyl wall decals for decoration

  • Pillowcases

  • A memento from each family member

  • Digital picture frame with photos from home

  • Movie gift certificates

  • Air fresheners

  • Pre-paid credit card

  •  Pens

  •  Highlighters

  •  Post-it notes

  •  Pre-paid calling cards

  •  Headphones

  •  Refrigerator magnets

  • Cork board and thumbtacks

  •  Slippers

  •  Socks

  •  Underwear

  •  Screen cleaner for laptop and cell phone