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Stores vs Cherry Pickers

Are you a cherry picker? On the Today show today, Matt Lauer interviewed Jean Chatzky, who's written several financial books and was part of Oprah's Debt Diet. They were talking about how there are people who only shop at stores for their loss-leaders or sale items but don't buy anything else. Jean said stores aren't liking customers who only buy the loss leaders.

I'm a cherry picker and proud of it! I need to vent a little here, because I've noticed lately that stores are raising their prices through the roof (and blaming gas prices for food price increases) and it's getting harder to get a good deal. I've kept a stockpile of food, health and beauty items, gifts and more for 4+ years. I've given a lot of stuff away to family and church. I don't want the stores to take away my ability to stock up on good deals. In my opinion, they aren't losing money because there are tons of other people who willingly pay full price everyday!

The only way to win this is to stock up while you can before stores start changing their policies. It's bad enough many stores are becoming anti-coupon (especially Walmart). And try to find a store that takes Internet coupons (but that's another rant)!

Here's some updates!

Free sample of L'Oreal HiP makeup

Free OPI nail polish, when you enter a contest

Free sample of Cat Chow Naturals cat food

Students get 15% off at Pier One- show your id for the discount

Free sample of Tide Simple Pleasures

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