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Sometimes Giving Away Stuff is Better

I've been an avid Ebay seller since 2002 and have made some pocket money. But I also have had my share of frustration. I came across this article and it helped me feel better that sometimes it's just better to give away stuff, than to sell it.

I used to buy things on clearance, then resell and make a small profit. But there were times I bought items, thinking they would sell, but then didn't and then they sat in my basement.

I checked out craigslist.com too, but it seemed like too much of a hassle to meet people to sell stuff. I also looked into freecycle.com but wasn't comfortable with giving out my address or meeting strangers to give them stuff.

So I finally settled on donating to Goodwill. Every few months I box up clothes, household items and toys. I also pass things on to family. As the holiday season approaches, consider donating your extra stuff, especially blankets, coats and more for the cold weather coming up. And don't forget about donating extra stockpile food to food pantries in your area.

A good site to find info on charities is Charitynavigator.com.


Which do you prefer- Ebay, Craigslist, Freecycle or donating in person?

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