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Couponing 101: Part One

Are you new to couponing? If so, you will want to read our new series "Couponing 101". From the comfort of your home learn all the tricks to getting the most with your coupon dollar.

Where To Find Coupons:

When I started couponing years ago, it was very overwhelming. Some people said to buy lots of Sunday papers. Others said to print off tons of Internet coupons. Couponing has changed over the years and here is the real deal: Paper coupons are still the gold standard for getting $ off your grocery bill. Many stores, will not accept Internet coupons. For example, the other day, I had received a coupon for a free pack of McCormick seasoning in the mail. It looked like an Internet coupon, but it wasn't. Because the cashier (this was at Giant Eagle, by the way) wasn't sure, it had to get approved by a manager.

So the best place to find coupons:

  • Sunday paper
  • Buy coupons from services like Coupon Clippers I've been buying coupons from them for a few years and they have always been really reliable.
  • magazines, like All You, Redbook, Woman's Day
  • Coupons.com
  • Your mail
  • Internet
  • CoolSavings.com
  • "Like" your favorite companies on Facebook for coupon offers
  • Your friends and family

Which are the best coupons to clip?

To make couponing as easy as possible, focus on the types of coupons you will use the most. For example, go to your kitchen and make a list of your favorite products that you keep stocked in the pantry and fridge. Also include health and beauty items. From this list you will be able to determine which coupons to clip.

High value coupons are considered ones that are off one item. For example, if you have a coupon for 50 cents off 1 jar of Ragu sauce, especially if you shop at a store that doubles, you will save $1.


Organizing your coupons

I used to use one of those little coupon envelopes, but it didn't work well for the amount of coupons I had. I switched to a 3 ring binder and filled it with baseball card pages. Coupons easily fit in the sleeves. But it's up to you to determine the best coupon system for you!


Part Two coming soon!


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