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Top 15 Stay Healthy Tips This Winter

Flu, colds and more can make the winter months miserable. Social Moms asked moms to share their favorite tips for keeping their families healthy during the winter months. Here are mine!

1.      Flu shots are a necessity. Be sure to schedule one for yourself and your child a few months before flu season (which is normally Jan.-March). Many doctors offer “needle-free" flu shots, which is a nasal spray. However, if you or someone in your family has asthma, they will have to opt for the old-fashioned flu shot.

2.      Get plenty of sleep. Skimping on sleep can wreak havoc on your immune system.

3.      Eat well. Fruits and veggies can help you stay well and support your immune system.

4.      And speaking of nutrition be sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is important to keep healthy.

5.      A multivitamin and vitamin C are also essential for boosting the immune system.

6.      Teach children proper hand-washing techniques. And to use hand sanitizer if regular hand-washing isn't convenient.

7.      Sniffling and sneezing doesn’t always mean a cold. Have your child tested for allergies. In my family, allergies are common, so my son Cam had allergy testing in preschool. We know now what to avoid, like pet dander, etc.

8.      Stock up on Lysol wipes. We keep containers in the bathrooms and in the car.

9.      After getting home, have everyone in the family wash their hands.

10.  Help cut down on colds going around school, by teaching kids to sneeze into their elbow.

11.  If someone is sick in the household, wipe down surfaces with Lysol wipes, like remote controls, door knobs, etc.

12.  Keep a stash of basic cold medication, like Advil, cough medicine, etc. This will help not having to make a run out to the drugstore at the last minute.

13.  Teach children not to share glasses, silverware, etc in the school cafeteria.

14.  Open windows for fresh air! One of the causes of the spread of colds and flu is poor indoor air quality.

15.  Get some exercise. Even during the winter months, getting outside to take a walk or build a snowman will give your immune system a boost. Or if you enjoy indoor activities, consider ice-skating, roller-skating.

Many of these are common sense tips but good to keep in mind. Have a healthy winter season!


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