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My Top 5 Summer Getaways

There are several summer getaways I would recommend!

First, I recommend Cedar Point Amusement Park. It has a special, old-fashioned charm and is very family-friendly. Since my son Cam was a baby, a few weeks old, he has been to Cedar Point. He has grown up there and I highly recommend it for everyone. Whether your family lives in the Midwest or is traveling out here, it’s worth the trip! There are also lots of great rollercoasters and rides for teens and adults, along with live shows, and the classic carnival-type games, shopping and more.

Second, the Florida Keys. We were down there recently and it was such an amazing experience. It has such a quiet, natural calm to it. Being surrounded by water, there are so many fun things to do there, like swimming, exploring Key West, fishing, snorkeling off the coral reef. Key West may have the reputation as a party town but during the day, there were lots of kid friendly museums and parks. We especially liked the Pirate Museum and riding the trolley around the island, listening to the tour guide tell us stories about Key West.

Third, Mall of America in Minnesota. We went there a few years ago and it has a lot of family-friendly adventures, including Nickelodeon Park (inside the mall), Valley Fair Amusement park, LEGO store and Rainforest Café. We made it a cheap trip by using airline miles for free tickets, buying an Entertainment book and saving on meals, and using hotel points for a free hotel stay. We also got a free coupon booklet from Mall of America, because we were out of town guests.

Fourth, Disney World in Florida. Disney does not have to be as expensive as people say it is. There are ways to make it affordable, including driving there (though from OH it is 20+ hours!), staying on an off-site hotel (there are lots of deals around the Disney property), limiting eating out and using coupons and getting a park hopper pass.

And finally, I recommend checking out local places! For example, we have several great travel destinations, right here in Ohio, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Great Lakes Science Center, Kelly’s Island, many museums, parks and more. We also love traveling down to Columbus and visit Easton Town Center, which has a Container Store and many other shops that Cleveland doesn’t have.

Happy traveling!



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